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  1. Bump, seriously @Thermaltakewhy can't I find a replacement power cable? Is my only option to buy the materials and repair the cable myself? I've had one of the pins locking tabs break off and would like to replace the cable... any help?
  2. What are the odds of getting a response to this question? Its annoying enough that I also have an issue with the controllers not being recognized when I turn my pc on, only way I've figured out to fix them is to un plug molex power and reconnect... everytime I start up my pc. But to have questions and not have any response from TT at all is a concerning issue with how much they understand their own products and value their customers
  3. Hello I have a brief question. I recently purchased a pacific W7 plus CPU cooling block and I would like to know if I can plug existing riing plus fans into the new temp controller along with it. I realize that I cannot plug the new CPU cooler into my existing riing plus controllers, but I have two controllers operating six fans, and would like to take out one of the controllers and replace it with the new "temp" controller and plug the fans into that one as well.
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