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  1. hey mate, again thanks for your kind response! I'm very glad that you kinda confirmed that it is at least a mechanical issue. I reconnected the usb cable to the controller, as well as the molex and took extra care. But to no avail. I will contact thrustmaster and see how it goes. They state in their FAQ that one has to pay for the sending fees by oneself, thats pretty unfortunate, given that I got the product very recently. Maybe they make an exception *fingersCrossed*. I bought via Amazon, maybe they will help me out somehow. For the record: apart of this defect, the fittings are indeed very good looking and I had no problems with any leaks. I would still recommend them.
  2. Hi AlexanderFuSheng, thank you very much for your elaborate answer. That sounds exactly like the way I connected my fittings. Im not sure if there could even be any other way of doing this. I do have 3 sets of 2 fittings. But only the first one of each set is controllable, while the second stays static in red color. Also I get only 5 devices displayed. I don't think it matters, but for sake of completnes: Im on a msi meg x570 unify Mainboard.
  3. Hello, there are 6 fittings delivered in this package, but only 3 connection cables to the controller. So the only way this works out, seems to be, to daisy chain every 2 fittings. Which I did. Unfortunatly the second fitting on each daisy chain, while it does light up, won't change it's color. Weirdly the TT RGB Plus software shows me 5 devices (I would guess there are either 6 or only 3 fittings, not 5). When I connect each fitting individually to a controller port, I can set the colors, so I think the fittings work fine. Is my controller broken? Did I connect something wrong, or is there some secret button in the software that I missed to hit? Edit: mainboard is msi meg x570 unify Any help would be appreciated! Best regards, Christoph
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