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  1. I'll send pictures when I arrive home, currently at work. I have 6 controllers in total. I received 1 each set of rgb fitting sets and the other 4 with 3 riing quad fan sets. I honestly don't remember which set it came with, probably one of the rgb fitting sets. But it's basically the same unit in looks as the others, just has TEMP molded or stamped into the back of it.
  2. I had no issues with it till last night. Rebooted the system and it stopped working.,. The Flow meter seems to be still operating though. But the screen went black, nothing. I've had it light up twice since it went black, but just white light type of light. No information.
  3. I bought this back in May, and it's been working great up until last night. The screen went dark after a reboot, and The TTPLUS Software is reporting Temperature at -25.7 Cel and flow Rate of 257L/HR. There's been a couple of times I get the screen to white after a reboot but it just goes dark again. The Controller seems fine. I have it on a daisy chain of 2 controllers, it's unit #4 in the chain as I have 4 controllers running. has anyone else experienced this? The controller is the only one I have with a "TEMP" stamped on the back. anyway to trouble shoot this? it's a brand new loop so there's nothing stuck in it.
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