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  1. THEY JUST STARTED WORKING!, well two of them. not sure what happened or what I was doing wrong. However, one of the led strips isn't working, which could have been the issue. which is weird because they weren't working individually in the beginning either. the one that isn't working only has one operable led on the strip I tried in multiple configurations to get it to work, to no avail. Any way I could get a single replacement for one strip?
  2. So i recently tried to install the pacific lumi plus, and it isn't working. I have all three strip plugged into one another with one cable leading to the control board. I have the cable plugged into the control board in slot #1. and I have all of the switches set to the down position for slot #1. I had to buy a sata to molex adapter but I know that works as the led strips get hot. I have my control board connected to jusb #1 pin slot on my motherboard. When I open the ttrgbplus app it reckegnizes that they are the lumi plus. I have tried swapping each led strip and doing them individually. restarting my pc everytime and its not working. After typing this i will try using my JUSB#2 pin slot. Otherwise I have no idea what is wrong. Support would be much appreciated!
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