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  1. Hello Guys 3 days before I bought view 71 ARGB TG Cabinet in the hope of Building my new PC with Gigabyte x470 Gaming 5 wifi motherboard. I enquired the dealer whether this cabinet's Fan can be connected to my motherboard since Gigabyte uses 5VDG or 12vRGBW connecters. They sent a diagram that Thermaltake comes with a dedicated cable(E type) which supports for Gigabyte mother board. To my surprise, when I bought, there is no E Type cable(VDG), but only D Type cable(ARGB) and its marked as gigabyte too. They changed VDG port like ARGB port in diagram too and provide one ARGB cable. I spent money trusting that they are providing the right thing but now I lost trust. Anyway after that I tried to find solution how to connect cabinet fans to my Motherboard. I found a RGB Controller from Deepcool which has VDG and ARGB Ports. But I got a doubt that which will work and also I will be able to control Lights from motherboard using Software. The cable comes with Convertor have SATA and 12vRGB port and. other ports are 3pin ARGB,3pin 5vVDG,4pin 12vRGB..So if I didn't connect RGB which comes with SATA cable and connects VDG port(option2) to mother board, will it work. What options do I have ? Any other Ideas ?
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