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  1. Please moar info! Thank you! P.S. I'm talking about the "engine" like sound when you plug the sound card.
  2. Hello! Is there a way to disable the starting sound from Bahamut? Thank you!
  3. As you can see, the driver on the mouse page is Tt eSPORTS BLACK Element series_Software V1.0.0.2 I want the . With the I can't disable OSD. Thanks anyway!
  4. Soo... Around 2 years ago I wanted to be able to disable OSD from my Black Element mouse. So the good guys at thermaltake support made an little update to the current driver to be able to disable OSD. After formating my PC i lost the driver and i can't find it anywhere... can someone help me? Thanks!
  5. Hello! I tried all that, disabled the microphone, used the one my laptop has, disabled the sound, changed the usb port of the Bahamut, tried to change the settings of the Bahamut. Nothing.... I'm thinking that the problem is the TRRS jack in the headset... Cheers!
  6. Hello again! The serial no. of the Dracco head set is: HT-DRC009ECRE1301000588, hope this is the right number. And the problem is that all the PC sounds are played through the microphone of the headset. It's like I have my 5.1 speakers plugged in and the mic is near them so every sound can be picked by the microphone. Cheers! Hope iyou understand better now ! P.S. Lets say I'm chatting on Skype, every sound i hear the guy I'm talking can hear it to! - more info
  7. Hello guys! I just bought the Dracco headset, I also have the Bahamut audio card and it seems that all my sounds play through the mic. Can someone help me? I need to disable this! My old headset didn't do this... Cheers!
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