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  1. Update !!! Thermaltake have just contacted me to arrange delivery of these parts !!! thanks to Thermaltake.de !!!
  2. Hi All, would anyone have any spare hdd drive cages for this model of case, I am looking for 3 of the internal cages and 1 rear cage (pix below). I have tried unsuccessfully to contact Thermaltake Technical support several times now, but haven't even received a reply. I am half way through a build and this has stopped me in my tracks (the wife is not best pleased about this). Can anyone please help ? I am based in the UK and would be willing to pay postage etc ... If you can help, please contact me at raystanzx9 AT hotmail.co.uk Regards RayStan.
  3. I have now just sent my 4th request for support from both support.uk@thermaltake and support@thermaltake.de ... I am still awaiting an answer to my request for spare parts for their View 71 rgb case snow edition (3 drive cages and a single drive plate for rear of the case). I am beginning to lose confidence in thermaltake, I was just wondering if anyone else had had this problem? Regards All, Ray Stanley.
  4. Hi Coyote, whilst searching the net, I came across this post. I wonder if you could point me in the right direction as to where you sourced these drive cages ? I have just bought a view 71 case and it has arrived with no cages at all ! Hoping you can help, Regards Ray Stanley.
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