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  1. Tried all that and I'm still having the same problem. It really doesn't make sense that it would happen now after I've had it for 8 months. Especially when virus scans came back clean. MWB and Panda both said nothing.
  2. I've not tried that yet. I'll give it a shot. EDIT: S/N: MO-LTM0091212003249 USA
  3. Hey, folks. I'm encountering a weird issue that just started happening earlier today. Every so often, my mouse will freeze and not respond to any movements or clicks for a few seconds. Then, it will suddenly jump to where it should've been had it actually responded quick enough. What's weird about this is that the software seemed to restart when this happened. I did a virus scan and that showed nothing. I tried different USB ports and got the same issue. Nothing new was installed before it started happening. It just started to do it randomly. I've had this mouse for a little over 8 months,
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