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  1. Has anyone had issues with tt plus randomly crash close and you’ll have to reopen it to get your fans to go back to the colors you had them set? The software is up to date. Anybody had any luck on a resolution?
  2. Update, the fans are now Synced with TT plus. Don’t know how that happened but they’re working. My next issue is the fact that in my Bios the fans are not recognized to my motherboard because the motherboard is a4 pin cpu fan controlled. Any ideas on how to resolve this issue or a adapter to go about it? Attached is a photo of the connector.
  3. Hello, I am working on my custom built pc and I now have two sets of Ring Quad 12 trio packs as well as a single ring quad 12 fan. I am having issues with syncing the 2nd controller to the first controller. As well as my motherboard not recognizing my 2nd set of fans for my radiator (CPU fans which are Ring quad 12 trio). I am running TT Plus V1.4.4 and the first trio set of fans and the single fan all work as supposed to with the TT Plus. When in connected the second set they will spin up and just scan rgb. The motherboard that I am using is the ASUS X570 Pro and the CPU fan is controlled by a 4 pin connection. Any ideas on how to go about this? Thanks. ASUS X570 pro Ryzen 7 3800x ROG Stix 3070 Rog Strix 360 aio Thermaltake View 51 Snow case
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