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  1. Well, I'm playing metarun.game right now, for example. Cool game, easy and on the phone. I do not like games on the computer. I then clearly feel that it is a big and long process during which I waste my time. It's somehow easier with the phone. You can play in line or at the bus stop just entertaining yourself while waiting for something.
  2. Hello everyone. My boyfriend is a LoL player. I want to present him a new keyboard. I heard that mechanicals are good for it but I'm not sure. Give me some advices please. What keyboard is good for LoL? Maybe specific models?
  3. Okay, I'm not sure but I think I know what are you talking about. I had problems with sexual health too when I worked remotely. And not only with sexual. My intestine wasn't good too. Actually I don't know why is it happening because I thought that sitting job may cause only haemorrhoids. How wrong I was. Maybe the reason of my diseases was just stress? I don't know. I have been taking medicines for some time so it's gone. I bought them here if you really need. But what about my intestine... I had the surgery. I don't know the specific type of your problem so I give you both solutions. I hope I helped you.
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