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  1. You have created quite a relevant topic. I think most people will find the answers for themselves.
  2. Ripple (XRP) is the most integrated crypto in the global financial market. Do you agree with this?
  3. SQL Tools provides robust functionality that will help increase your coding speed and consistency, automate many database-related processes, and generally facilitate a steady and productive workflow.
  4. Guys, does anyone know how to convert YouTube videos to MP3s?
  5. Whenever the main domain is blocked in someone's country, people already know what to do. They go to Google and type in something like "piratebayproxylist" or "the Pirate Bay proxylist" and there you have ten more working domains.
  6. Hello, everyone! Instagram has long been a convenient, simple, and cool tool for business. And the latest updates tell us that it is possible to buy goods directly from the feed. But how do you create organic promotion for your social network page or your store page?
  7. The manufacturer assigns a VIN number to each vehicle. It contains detailed information about the date and place of delivery of the vehicle. This makes it easier to distinguish one car from another. Before you buy a car, double check the VIN number on the car and in the documents. If the VIN numbers on the car do not match, do not buy the car.
  8. Magento is recognized as the fastest platform for creating e-commerce sites. High bounce rate in the online store and the rate of abandoned items in the cart are the main reasons why the online store does not bring profit. That said, it's worth considering that shoppers switch to another online store if the site is slow to load. If you decide to create an online store on Magento belvg.com , you will never have such problems. Fortunately, Magento supports almost all popular payment methods
  9. The housing market in Spain in 2022 is on the rise. Sales of private villas and apartments in Spain increased by 35.9% over the first ten months of the year 2021 compared with the same period last year. Barcelona is probably one of the best places in Spain for family life, as the city boasts a lot of activities for the whole family. Catalans can argue that there are even more activities and attractions here than in the nation's capital, making it perhaps an even better place to live with the family. We bought a property in spain for sale there last year and were very pleased. From the countless local parks that seem to be everywhere in the city, to the world-famous museums and the vast number of World Heritage sites within reach for a day trip with the kids.
  10. FB is unable to check accounts manually - there are too many of them. Automated algorithms - popularly, robots - have become a reasonable solution. The system tries to analyze user behavior. And if the behavior differs from the "standard", it is blocked.
  11. Hello! You can invest in any cryptocurrency with graphical mining, but you should understand that the performance on different algorithms will be different on the same card. Older algorithms are already poorly suited for video processors and will not bring any profit. This is due to the emergence of new devices on the market - the so-called ASIC miners. They are much more productive and greatly increase the complexity of the network, but their cost is high and runs into thousands of dollars. That is why SHA-256 (Bitcoin) or Scrypt (Litecoin, Dogecoin) coin mining at home is not a good idea.
  12. Hey guys! I have my own YouTube channel about music. But I'm thinking of diversifying it with more dance content. I would really like to reach as much audience as possible. And for my channel to rank higher. What additional platform would you recommend?
  13. Hi! I would advise you to play Mortal Kombat. Or Need For Speed. Both games will allow you to distract yourself and immerse yourself in the virtual world.
  14. You definitely need to see a doctor. Self-treatment is bad for your health
  15. I agree with the majority opinion. Instagram would be a great platform for business promotion.
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