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  1. PeeVee

    Frio Extreme

    Both fans are currently connected to the motherboard. One to CPU and the second to CPU Opt.
  2. PeeVee

    Frio Extreme

    I tried the power cord in both the right and left side. The results were the same. Do I need to turnoff the motherboard's CPU control?
  3. PeeVee

    Frio Extreme

    I have installed a Thermaltake Frio Extreme. My issue is that when I try to use the included fan controller it doesn't seem to work. When I switch it from PWM to VR my fans don't seem to slow down. Instead they sound like the power is being pulsed. The fans speed up and slow down instead of slowing down. Does anyone have any ideas? My motherboard is an Asus Sabertooth 990FX and I have the fans connected to the CPU fan header.
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