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  1. Hi there, I broke two of the usb slots in my front panel. Thank good it is just the USB 2.0 ones. But still. Is there a way to replace them or repair them? Like can you order a replacement or did anyone here ever repair them? I saw that the USB2.0 connectors are on one board together with the audio-front-connectors. Any tips or help is appretiated. Thanks
  2. Hi everyone, I am proud owner of an 71 View too and I need to know how did you guys install THREE (3) Radiators in this chassis? I want to add three (3) 360 radiators to it. I need help! english phrases like intake and sucker fans are confusing me. I have all my fans at the outside of the chassis sucking air and pushing it out away from the chassis. I think this is the best practice for when you have watercooling radiators. Isn't it?
  3. Hello Forum; I have an https://de.thermaltake.com/view-71-tempered-glass-edition.html My problem right now is, the chassis offers to install 360 radiators on 3 locations and I already have installed rads on 2 of them and now want to add a 3rd radiator. You can see on this picture what my plan is: My problem is, the chassis doesnt let you install radiators probperly in the front and on the right without interfering each other. So I need to find a workaround for this chassis. What are your suggestions? Right now I cant place the 3rd radiator. I can only screw 2 holes there and leave the other 2 screws hanging in the open. As you can see it is impossible to mount the 3rd radiator on the "right" spot. What can I do do mount a radiator and 3 x 120mm fans on it properly in this chassis!?
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