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  1. Josh, you're the bomb! i've unlocked it, and everything started to work! thanks !!!!!
  2. Hi guys, this is the result of the update tool: http://gyazo.com/1b0e18d2f349463ad2174dfbcf61f091 regarding the "try the mouse on another machine", i did. on 3 of them, actually, and the back/forward buttons simply do not work with the app, and without it as well. please advise on my next steps. Regards, 1immortal
  3. Hi Josh, thanks for the fast reply! unfortunatly, i've done all of this already, and tried to set macro's as back and forward as well, nothing helped. i've tried to change to something else and then to the desired settings for the Apply/OK to exit the outgrayed mode and then click the OK button, did not helped... i've reseted the whole thing few times, re-installed it as well for some 10 times. does this thing should work in Windows 8.1x64 ? maybe i should upgrade the mouse firmware ? if you say that its a 1.0.0 firmware version, perhaps the 1.2, as i seen around the forum, will help me out ? or some newer app/driver version to test? starting to feel a little bummed with this mouse Regards, 1immortal
  4. Heya guys, i have bought this mouse last friday, and no matter what i did, the back and forward left buttons are not working, its driving me crazy, can't browse the web like a normal human being. tried to reinstall the 1.3 and the 1.3.1 app, both of them says that its 1.0.0 version, cannot see any diference. please advise what to do with the mouse. Best regards, 1immortal
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