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  1. I’m on my second PR22 + D5. The first one made it five years & died. The new one went in a year ago, and it’s having issues. For whatever reason it’s not generating enough pressure to get coolant above the CPU water block at a decent flow rate. I’ve adjusted the setting on the pump and it doesn’t seem to do anything.
  2. Hello everybody! I've got one of the big boy chassis, and I want to make a couple of small modifications to enhance things. First up, I want to make some custom deck plates for the bottom of the W100 section. The two pieces that come with the chassis are the fan covers, or the cable pass-throughs; both of which are great, but I want a solid piece that I can drill a couple of mounting holes in and use as a solid pump mounting location. I also need to figure out the dimensions of my next motherboard because the IO shield on my current build (EVGA X99) interferes with the location of the #1 PCIEx16 slot to the point where I cannot mount my current GPU (EVGA RTX 3090Ti) in slot one. Not currently an issue, but in the next build I plan to double up on the 3090Ti's. Might have to swap to an m.2 slot E for WiFi in that case, unless anyone knows of an EATX motherboard that supports 2x chonky GPU's and still leaves the 4x PCIE slot open.
  3. Hello everybody! I don't know what I did, but I have to repost. WP100 chassis w/ TT PR22+D5 & 3/4 soft tube & TT Waterblock on an i7 6800k on an EVGA X99 Classified. I have 2x 280mm thick boy TT radiators mounted in the P100 section, with 4x 140mm Riing fans. 2x 200mm Riing fans up front as intakes, 1x 140mm Riing exhaust, and 2x 120mm Riing fans up top for additional intake. A pair of Corsair RAM cooling fans (128gb @3k), and EVGA RTX 3090Ti. Running an EVGA 1600W PSU, which is overkill, but in a year or two I'll have to upgrade since my CPU isn't Windows 11 compatible. I love the WP100 chassis. So much room! I didn't install the hard drive racks since I only have five (four + m.2), and with the new bulk storage options (4TB m.2's & 10-20GB chonky HDD's) I doubt I'll ever need more than four racks. I may add a booster pump for after the radiators; the return line on to the reservoir doesn't have much in the way of flow/pressure. But the temps are frosty cool; I idle at 27degC, and full-gaming load (Warhammer 40k Chaos Gate on High, Deus Ex Mankind Divided on Ultra, etc.) I don't go above 47degC. TT cooling equipment holding it down like a champ.
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