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  1. Apparently no one has any ideas here. I am guessing at this point the dock is bad ..... again. This will be the third one I'll be getting in to try! The second dock unit stays up and is solid. I've also had to replace the USB cable that came with it. That allowed the device to be recognized, but now it doesn't up. The USB cable out of the box didn't even allow the device to be recognized. Very, very, frustrated. I'll be calling support again today. I just want them to work as advertised!
  2. I have two of these docks, only the one keeps going offline on me. No power save features are on that I am aware of. I have to shut the dock off and turn back on for it be recognized again. The other dock stays up. Already replaced this dock once for similar reasons.
  3. Running Windows 8.1, I have an issue with the STU022U BlackX 5g Duet docking station disconnecting overnight while downloads are running. I have my computer setup to not sleep or hibernate ANYTHING including USB. Drives are Seagate 3 TB. Work fine except that when I check downloads running overnight, they keep going into a state where the drive is not available and terminate. Is there something with docking station I can tweak or update? Thank you!
  4. That cycling has settled down. Looks like its working now and stable. Was a cable issue. How do I get a replacement cable for the defective cable?
  5. Okay ... went to the shack and bought a USB 3.0 Cable. $32!!!! Will be returniung this once I get my replacement cable from ThermalTake. BlacX Due 5G Docking station shows up correctly now, but it keeps cycling. I have NIRSOFT USBView loaded. It shows the dock loaded correctly, then it cycles and the drives are removed from File Explorer and then the USBDevView program shows it going offline, then online, and continues to cycle like that. It almost appears that it is fighting itself for an address or something. Can two of the Docking stations be run on Windows 8.1 together?
  6. Lines were busy ... Left message. We'll see. Thanks. I may run out to get a new USB 3.0 cable to see if it works! Thanks for the help ThermalMike. I will follow up with a post once I try a new cable.
  7. I think the cable is bad. I run both of the units solo using the same USB cable. I also tried both USB 3.0 ports with the good cable and they work. Unfortunately i do not have a spare USB 3.0 cable to try. I also had to order these site to store from Walmart and wait about a week to get them in. Been dealing with this for a about three weeks already. I cannot get either one to work using the second USB cable. This is the second DOA i've recieved. Not sure if the first one was the cable or the dock at this point. I returned the first cable with the dock. so the bad cable came in wit
  8. Have you tested each docking station seperately? Would like to verify that each one is working properly by itself first. >> Turned oth off, tuned on the second one which I could not get connected. No Go. >> Turned off the Second one and turned the first one back on. First one works. This could be related to an IRQ conflict or other issue with multiple docking stations installed at one time. >> Installed them one at a time. had an issue with the very first one I tried. Couldn't get it to work, unboxed the second one, shut the first one off and the second came up which
  9. Running Windows 8.1, I purchased 2 BlackX 5g Duet docking stations. Could not get the first one I tried to recognize for anything. Tried the second one and it worked great! Looked like a DOA of the first dock so I returnede it and ordered another. The replacement came in, I plugged it in (keep in mind I have a working dock right now already attached to the system), Device Manager eventually show the device as "Unknown USB Device (Set Address Failed)". Doesn't show in Disk management either. I found one solution that required a small Windows update on Windows 8 to get this to work.
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