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  1. Continuing {{ [doublepost=1548816382][/doublepost]Continuando https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S232 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S232RAvllO8
  2. Finalizing the outside of the Thermaltake View 71 Cabinet, replacing the tempered glass fume with the acrylics. Follow all the photos. [doublepost=1548815082][/doublepost]Continuando
  3. Short page with all projects done.https://www.facebook.com/douglasalvesmodding/Thanks to the partners for the supportThermaltake Global.Acrylic SyntheticsSeagate Brasil.Starting the project with the Thermaltake View 71 enclosure, I will be disassembled.
  4. Casemod Chapolin Colorado. "Eles não contaram com a minha astúcia!" Siga-me os bons. Ola pessoal. Meu nome é Douglas Alves, sou do Brasil. Apresento mais uma temática de Casemod sobre o tema do Chapolin Colorado. Este Casemod é para o evento no Brasil (Campus Party Brasil 2019)El Chapulín Colorado (Chapolin Colorado no Brasil) é uma série de televisão mexicana originalmente mostrada entre 1970 e 1979. Criado e estrelado pelo ator e escritor Roberto Gómez Bolaños, a série parodiou os super-heróis americanos e fez constante crítica social em relação à América Latina. Eu estarei fazendo outro grande sucesso do eterno Roberto Gómez Bolaños. Chapolin Colorado é um herói desajeitado, medroso e desajeitado que sempre aparece quando alguém precisa.Com seu martelo biônico e a pílula que encolhe, ele muitas vezes causa mais confusão do que necessariamente ajuda. Agradeço às empresas que apoiaram outro Casemod que eu estarei fazendo. Obrigado Thermaltake Seagate Acrílico Synthetics Chapolin Colorado.
  5. Thank you. Good luck too. Amazing work that you did, I admire your work a lot ..
  6. Completed Project Pandora Box Gemini Project Thank you to Thermaltake and all the sponsors. Simple design and preservation of the Tower900 original. Great products Thank you. Thermaltake. Ttesportes. Asus Rog. Intel. V-color. Luxa-2
  7. Coming to the end of the competition, on 30 -07, it closes and then opens the polls. Finishing the casemod and soon I will post the project ready. I did not use the original tempered glass sides of the TOWER 900, I made all sides in 5mm acrylics and customizing Golden Insulfilme and cut the pictures of the golden knights of the twin knights pandora. Pandora Box Gemini Project Case Modding Thermaltake, CaseMOD Invitational 2017! Https://www.facebook.com/pg/douglasalvesmodding/photos/... Learn More: https://goo.gl/EA3p5N Worklog: https://goo.gl/sK5dem {
  8. At the end of the deadline for July 30, Would still receive this week, the rest of the products that was shipped to Brazil on July 20. Arrived in Brazil, but stopped by the Brazilian Customs and has no deadline for the release of the products. My choice was to end the project and continue without the products that did not arrive Meeting the deadline, starting to do the assembly without the radiators 360
  9. Diorama Scenery for Cloth Myth (Saint Seiya) Pandora Box Gemini Project
  10. Up is the part of the watercooler mount. (Interior of tower 900.) But I have problem with receiving the products that still lacked arrive for me to finish the assembly. Almost already at the end of the competition closing, I am still waiting to get the products I have not received yet, like the 2 radiators 360. I am provisionally using the 240 radiators, and being fitted in place of the 360 radiators. I had to make some modifications. Was hoping to get some connection, liquid, and the 2 radiators 360. Had not received until today's date 7-20. I got the fluids with Thermaltake Brasil. The rest, do not have in Brazil. I'm putting together to finalize on the estimated date. And waiting for the arrival to make the exchange.
  11. Preview the back of the case. The Pandora's box (where he guards the armor of the zodiac knights) has 2 loops that the knight carries on his back.
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