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  1. Carregando 50%. O exterior, peças de acabamento da torre 900, seguindo a mesma linha de traço do armário. Adaptando o tema Projeto Pandora Box Gemini. Vou começar a correr contra o tempo para fazer a parte interna do projeto. Mais peças cortadas de acrílicos para acabamento. Etc.
  2. Continuing the project. The time was very long and tight due to the delay in receiving the products. The design, is being kept the standard of the tower 900.No many modifications. But matching with Pandora's box theme.
  3. UP... Up from today's post, very tricky. Result was satisfactory ... Thanks for following the project .. Summary is, the knight's pandora's box of twins, and next to the armor. Idea is this, since the tower 900 is all square ...
  4. Giving continuity to the project, making the grill of the fans of the sides, continuing with the same design of the theme of the pandora box. Doing manually with the rectifica ..
  5. Hello everyone. As I received the tower 900 products this week now, I'm already starting to do some things, doing the disassembling and making some cuts, then put more photos of the progress of the project during the course of the week, and I've already tested the hardware. Thanks to the sponsors. Thermaltake. Asus. Intel. V-core. Luxa. Ttesports.
  6. Hello everyone. Arrived Tower 900 of thermaltake in my rescindence today 5/22 due some setbacks I had .. I am already starting to do the project to finish the date of the closing of the competition, only (days). 02% Loading As of today, May 23, I received the hardware products. I just have to thank the companies for supporting with their products. Thank you Thermaltake Asus. Intel. V-Color.
  7. A small video I made unboxing Toughpower Thermaltake Grand RGB 850W Totally Modular Gold
  8. For now I received the products from Thermaltake. Thank you very much
  9. Pandora Box Gemini Project Completed project Hello everyone, how's it going. Sorry for my english, I'm using onliner translator. I'm douglas alves. I will be representing my country Brazil. Thank you for the great opportunity to participate in this competition along with the other modders from other countries that admire your works. For those who do not know me I will be putting some pictures of Casemod that I have done here in Brazil. Thank all companies for the support and Andy da Tt Thank you. Thermaltake ASUS Intel V-Color Ttesports Luxa2 I'm sorry I'm only now posting logs here, because I've had a lot of counter-attacks and received some products only now on 05/18, and I'm still going to receive the remaining ones that will still arrive. For now I only have these pieces. OBS = great problem in the delay was the prorio pais, (Brazil) in relation to import. But I will try my best, I had many plans to build my Modding, but now the time will be my great enemy. I have little chance of showing what I wanted to do. But I'll try to do my best in this very short time. My project with the tower 900, I am based on the theme of the drawing or (manga) From the Knights of the Golden Zodiacs. Gold Pandora's Box of Twins Project will not give to make changes in the structures etc as I had planned then it will be inspired in the pandora box of gold twins. I give the name to the project. Pandora Box Gemini Project Casemod Resident Evil. Casemod Thor Casemod TitanFall
  10. Posting here on the poster, the photos of the completed project, There are many photos, because the details can not miss. I thank the people who accompanied the project. Thank you companies that believed and supported the Titanfall project Obs = The photos are not good, but to see well, I did what I gave. The piece of acrylic that passes the fluid was not perfect, but I liked the result, some parts of the piece when you hit the led light, have position to see the bubbles that remained from the glue on the 3 acrylics. Configuration Motherboard Gigabyte GA-X99-SOC Force Core i7 processor 5820k 64gb ddr4 2133 Klevv 4 led white 4 led red Gtx 980 reference EVGA SC Superclocked Sdd adata XPG SX930 240GB SEASONIC 1050W SNOWSILENT FULL MODULAR 80 PLUS PLATINUM SOURCE Thermaltake corex 71 case Hd sata 500gb Casemod Titanfall theme Watercooler and other parts 11 fans Riing 12 RGB thermaltake with 4 controllers. 1 Thermaltake Commander F6 RGB Multi FAN Controller 2 white Pacific R360 radiators. 1 Waterblock vga thermaltake pacifc gvt serie 9 1 waterblock CPU thermaltake pacific w2 Intel / amd 2 500ml Reservoirs Thermaltake Pacific R33 2 pumps P5 D5 / 1 Pacific P1 Black / 1 acrylic top 1200lhs each with rotation control 1 Thermal flow flow indicator Thermaltake Pet Tubing 16mm Thermaltake white fluid Thermaltake Orange Fluid Thermaltake 16mm Silicon Hose Fittings 16mm thermaltake tubing Pipe fittings 16mm 90 ° and 45 ° Adapter fittings and covers Fittings 16mm compression
  11. https: //www.youtube.com/watch? V = juLq0_Fx-14 Logotipo que eu tirei fotos melhores, já finalizado.
  12. All pieces made by me, using acrylics and adhesive with adhesive, after mounted, had more pieces I had to do.
  13. Part of paint .. Time to set up the Casemod TatinFall. Motherboard Gigabyte GA-X99-SOC Force Core i7 processor 5820k 64gb ddr4 2133 Klevv Gtx 980 reference. Sdd adata XPG SX930 240gb System cooling watercooler thermaltaker 2 separate system, (processor and vga) Thermaltake corex 71 case
  14. Mounting the Thermaltake.E video card block making black payt. Process of the side of the casemod and support of the shell made in acrylic.
  15. Https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wb1kuYHuyWc Next step after everything ok. Making bullet holes in the piece itself, making the other side and doing the recording with the rectifica https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AVQwwm6dv_I Making the sleeved of the pump cables and raising the cables of the fans and sleevenado ..
  16. Concluir agora apenas com arquivos e lixar. Testando a Primeira Camada de acrílico com uma parte do Meio Já Fez um Passagem do fluido Explicação fazer Propósito Desta PEÇA, Estou usando 2 Sistemas de toucador, 1 PARA O Processador e Outros POR APENAS placa de video. Testar qual cola seria melhor com transparência e sem bolhas. Teste falhou Glue a Primeira Camada. Coloque uma balde com 60 litros de água. Eu deixei por 3 dias. Depois que uma cola secou, ​​eu terminei dentro do cava, um pouco mais de cola e unir tornou-se praticamente uma única peça. Fluido de teste. Continuando, terceira camada de acrílico. Aplicar uma cola para colar e encher uma peça. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wb1kuYHuyWc Apos uma parte colada é tudo Já está seco, o ritmo parágrafo Testar com o Líquido e dar o ACABAMENTO Para acertar como Peças. Teste de fluxo de fluido com bomba e reservatório.
  17. Today's post is = Milky white acrylic cover of 4mm for the back of the cabinet, since I had cut and placed on the ceiling and got space in that part of brings back and I will leave a clear space. Style a window. At the bottom where the source goes, below will be the fan controller (Thermaltake RIING12 RGB.) Each controller controls 3 fans, I will use a total controller, I made an adaptation to stay in a way that will not disturb the case inside and be easy to change the settings of the fans. 2nd 2nd acrylic of the controller. I'll be following a pattern of lines throughout Casemod, following the TitanFall theme drawing .. I'm back to finish the photos of the post, because it was very busy the days, already arriving the day of the event in Brazil, where the case will be on display and compete the Brazilian championship of Casemod in campus party brazil 10. I made an acrylic piece for the passage of fluid inside the acrylic, using the same lines as the Titanfall theme drawing. Tools used. Sierra Tico-tico Drill bit Sanding And glue for acrylics. NOTE: this piece would only be a test, as it was not possible to do another because of the time spent and I was still doing 2 casemods for an event, I ended up using it myself, without any experience, I was left with little of a defect, but nothing that would hinder the objective , Which next comes out a little better. Look at the difference of a good quality Acrylic, in the case of sinteglas, and acrylic that is very cheap there. (It melts easy when cutting and ends up heating and hardening fast and where cut it becomes hard and glued back The fluid passage will be in the back of the cabinet
  18. Event in brazil, campus party brazil 10 I'll post the photos with better quality. Thank you for collecting the project.
  19. Continuing poster posting Casemod finishes the keys. This casemod was in the exhibition at Campus party brasil 10. After painting time the finishes and fitting. And my daughter wanted the barrel for her to play with, and she did not want to leave inside.
  20. Continuing, , After the dry mass, it was time to make the touches, the color after the dough to dry became dark .. I chose a lighter color. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aoBEvSucVIQ
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