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  1. Returning to the poster to continue posting the TitanFall project. The pieces are almost all ready, only missing some details in the case. It was very hard for me to be posting photos, even more, I'm doing 2 Casemod for event in Brazil (Campus Party Brazil 2017). I will start posting many step-by-step photos of the parts of the project. Try to make it more organized..possible. My English is very bad, I use OnLine translator, I leave lots of photos to understand, and the photos already speak for words. Following the front. Removing the front screen and making a new one with acrylic and fixed to stay one piece, had seen on the internet an image of a laser gril that the guy did. I did the opposite leaving a whole plate to put in front of the cabinet and leaving the acrylic in 2 colors.white and orange matching the theme. I'm going to stick this orange acrylic on the white acrylic of the front part of the cabinet where I'm going to cut the fans.
  2. Hi, how are you. I'm doing the work on weekends all day. very cançativo because I manoalmente. I also hope to soon see your finished.
  3. Completing all removed from the back of the Thermaltake core x 71. Rounding out the bottom of where the PSU is These caps would be the part of the motherboard tray, radiator (Finishing), usable white sticker design partner Carbon fiber Fosca auto decorative stickers. very good .. Using acrylics project partner Sinteglas and acrylic adhesives. This part is the Power Panel, USB, sound, I use adhesive brushed steel Next step was to redo the front of the cabinet. I will use triple radiator Thermaltake Pacific R360 in front of the cabinet. Using the new line of Thermaltake Fan Riing 12 RGB, Thermaltake Fan Riing 12 RGB Thermaltake Pacific RL360 Soon post pictures already with the finish.And now let the next plans already on the list of chores. thank who's watching ..
  4. Congratulations for the good projeto.Muito. I also have a post of my project casemod Titanfall and I'm using the same core x71 cabinet. great office.
  5. after so much work support tray, eventually breaking and failed. I had to make another MDF.
  6. Hello everyone. Beginning with the project Dismantling Thermaltake Core X71 Black Gaming ATX Full Tower Tt LCS Certified Gaming Computer Case. I will make the reversal of the board, cover the supply etc. All necessary modification. The pictures speak more than words. Thank you
  7. Present the Partner and its products .. Thermaltake Thermaltake With major releases of their products. Starting with cabinet core x71. Every line of liquid cooling Watercooler system. Seasonic memories modules. KLEVV KLEVV CRAS DDR4 Ttesports Great product launches of Ttesports. Keyboard = POSEIDON Z RGB (BROWN SWITCH EDITION) Mouse = VENTUS X - Gaming Mouse - Tt eSPORTS. Headset = tt esports gamers headset shock Mouse Pad = 900mm DASHER 2016 GigaByte Brasil. Placa Mãe Gigabyte 99-UD3 Foscauto Decorative Stickers. Brazil. Large Decorative Stickers Store Large qualidade.E Much Variety General use. Sinteglas Acrylics and special adhesives. Brazil
  8. Concluído [Worklog] casemod Meu Projeto Titanfall. Douglas Alves. Brasil. Olá pessoas. Meu nome é Douglas Alves. Eu sou do brasil Venho apresentar o projeto de casemod, será o tema De Titanfall .. Espero que você siga e gosto do meu trabalho. Apresentar os patrocinadores deste projeto. Muito obrigado pela oportunidade que as empresas deram em usar e apresentar seus produtos e exibir suas marcas. Obrigado por portas abertas e por apoio de empresas de outros países. Thermaltake Taiwan TT eSPORTS Usos Sazonal / Br Klevv Hong Kong. Br Gigabyte. Loja Macaco Custom.Br Loja Infsite Br. Loja Foscauto Adesivos Decorativos.Br Fabrica Sinteglas Acrílico e Colas Especiais.Br Yury Oliveira Desingner.Br Gráfico Muito obrigado. Ferramentas que são usadas. Micro retifica. Serra (tico - tico). (Arquivos.) Tudo manualmente por mim. Peço desculpas pelo inglês, estou usando o tradutor on-line, todas as perguntas que você pode fazer, mas eu coloquei um monte de fotos de todos para entender melhor. Ladrões casemod rog Casemod Residente Evil Casemod Thor
  9. Casemod Thor Rampage iv extreme I7 3930k 32 gb ddr3 1866mhz Hyperx Fury 2 ssd raid 0 hyperx Fury 120gb cada. Evga Gtx 760 2 gb Fonte Corsair RM 1000w Wtaercooler custon. Thermaltake Core v71
  10. Campus Party Brasil 2015 8 Brazilian Championship casemod. Campus Party Brazil 8, 2015. 2nd place. casemod Thor. I thank the sponsors. Thermaltake Brazil, Tt eSPORTS Brazil, HyperX Brazil, Performance Solutions, Custom Monkey, Extreme Pc Mod, Aquatuning Brazil. My sincere thanks to the team è Thermaltake Modersbr Modding family and know what I'm talking about. Thanks for helping me in the project giving missing parts. and I say it again here .. Allyson Carneiro, Julian Janus, Rodrigo Mari, Everton Barbosa, the Springboard Yury Oliveira, partner Marcelo Pinholi..Monkey custon Thank my wife Angela for all the support you gave me
  11. It took but finished and is already here at Campus Party Brazil 8 First I thank ####. Thanks to my wife Angela for helping me at all, only she knows the difficulty I had in making this project .Thank you to friends who helped me with the sanitary parts. Thanks to the sponsors of this project. and the staff Modersbr . Thermaltake Brazil Ttesporte = = = HyperX Brazil Monkey custon = = Extreme mod performance solutions pc = Aquatuning Brazil this one is not half of what I spent sandpaper p; give those acrylic finish ..
  12. Next picture is playing the part of the watercooler, folding acrylic tubes, the workaround used the square piece of wood and cut with tico tico., But it worked .. Thanks again to the support of hypex, thank you
  13. Fis the thor hammer rays. will be on the roof and the front of the case. done manually in blue acrylic uv of 5 mm. Summary of the parts made by acrylic m, im manually. as everywhere that has the photos above ... below are all the parts already with paint and ready to be assembled ..
  14. The technique is most popular in the color wheel, but is compatible with any other material is a film with rays design which will match thor rivers and taken the first white background to highlight the rais, follows the film photos and video making my first piece was the Standing cabinet has all the course the ready parts
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