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  1. These pieces are the THOR name. All manually Made by me, using micro rectifies, tico tico saw, files and sandpaper. It was not cutting laser. Detail, transparent acrylic 10mm and blue with 5 mm, totaling at the time of cutting 2.5mm ... everything at hand.
  2. And to differentiate a bit of all offices not to get that thing all the same, did change as different in the pictures above the power button that sits on top of the roof and along you had the USB ports and the small fan controller of the thermaltake core Office V71. The USB and the button of fans decided to put on the feet of office, (From the front and the brings) Then give the finish. to finalize the acamabento and cables.
  3. Photos of a small change that was made. Completion of acrylic ceiling and cuts. Modifying the Power button place. Quite photo step by step to understand more or less. Lembando the acrylic used here to bottom with acrylic 10mm. All trabalho I did was manually.
  4. Continuation of the markings of where cuts will have in the cabinet and acrylic sheet metal parts .. Came the the Monkey custon products I thank the support of Monkey Custom https://www.facebook.com/Monkeycustomm Manufactures and accepts orders for custom extension cords. paracord, Very well done, differential quality of the work quality of the material. Imported mesh Paracord, Line 1 connectors. Model ARK 30cm and 45cm. Cable 8-pin CPU, cable 6 + 2-pin GPU, Cable 24 pin MB.
  5. Hello people. My name is Douglas Alves. I am from Brazil. You excuse for my English, since I am using the translator of the Google. I come again to share the newest project of Casemod that will be in the subject of the THOR. He speaks the photos for me. My last project here was. Casemod Resident Evil (Umbrella Corporation) http://extremepcmod.com/threads/casemod-residente-evil-umbrella-corporation.205/ Which was presented at Party 7 campus in 2014 where he won The casemod Brazilian championship in 1st place and also won international title Guru3D Rig of the Month - March 2014 .. http://www.guru3d.com/articles-pages/guru3d-rig-of-the-month-march-2014,1.html Here it is going to be the beginning of everything of this new challenge. Office thermaltake blushes v71 When all is taking to pieces the office. There is no anything that is not got with the will power, the kindness and, mainly with the love and Humility. dedication, determination, and pledge always to do better. Office thermaltake blushes v71 https://www.facebook.com/DOUGFANIBI...81140613026.1073741925.100000434437244&type=3 I thank the partner Yuri Oliveira for art Trampoline he did. sponsors Thermalateke Brasil https://www.facebook.com/ThermaltakeBrasil?fref=ts Ttesporte Brasil https://www.facebook.com/TteSPORTSBrasil?fref=ts HyperX Brasil https://www.facebook.com/HyperXBrasil Macaco custon Brasil https://www.facebook.com/Monkeycustomm/timeline Performance Solutions Brasil https://www.facebook.com/PerformanceSolutionsBR?fref=ts Extrema Pc Mod https://www.facebook.com/extremepcmod Marking where cuts will have in the cabinet and acrylic sheet metal parts .. Here is the front where I got the screen and I will take these parts Marking where cuts will have in the cabinet and acrylic sheet metal parts .. Here is the front where I got the screen and I will take these parts
  6. This is my project casemod Resident evil. (Umbrella Corporation) .2014 Official sponsor Thermaltake Brazil, Ttesporte Brazil and HyperX Brazil .. https://www.facebook.com/DOUGFANIBIL/media_set?set=a.697247673633041.1073741869.100000434437244&type=3
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