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  1. Thanks for the help guys, I appreciate it!!
  2. Hi, I got a quick question about the fans on the Core v71. My 140mm exhaust fan is starting to seize up and I was wondering if I should get the same one or what do you guys recommend? Would it be best to stick with Thermaltake?
  3. Technical

    Case Fans

    Thanks Tt Andy and thank you d0_ob as well, you guys are awesome!
  4. Here is my low score but hey, It's all I need to do to enter right? lol
  5. Technical

    Case Fans

    @Tt Andy - Ah I see. I was sorta thinking that but I wasn't 100% sure. I see ventilation holes so I'm assuming I can just use those. Thanks!
  6. Technical

    Case Fans

    @Do_ob - That's aweome! @Tt Andy - Those look cool! I just got one more question. I was looking on the bottom and I don't see any mounting holes so how do I mount them? I'll take a better look to see if there are any holes but you do use screws right?
  7. Technical

    Case Fans

    Yea I defientely want ones with LED. Those fans look really nice and those would be perfect for the bottom. Thanks a lot for the help!
  8. Technical

    Case Fans

    Hi, I want to put 2 120mm fans on the bottom of my Core v71 and wanted to know what fans you guys recommend. Thanks!
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