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  1. The MB manufacturer, ASUS, won't do anything, and needless to say I've raised #### with Corsair, so, we'll see where that goes.  Had an AIO pump go bad on me (surprisingly the Water 3.0 Extreme), was able to return that to the retailer, and in a pinch picked up the Corsair H100iGTX model.  Apparently, they have issues with some motherboards, the cooling block will not sit properly on the MB and will leave a 1/4 inch gap, I only found this out AFTER installing it, and people on their forums have complained to Corsair about it, and recommend using rubber washers on the back of the MB to make it fit.  Well, needless to say that's not happening, so I go to take the thing off, and the screws got stripped while #### them in place.  Now I have a water block on a $350.00 MB that I can't remove.  After hours of MB surgery, I finally get it off, and what happens?  Scratched a tracer.  MB is dead, and un-replaceable because it's an X-97 model.  Lovely.


    Find on Amazon an updated Water 3.0 Extreme, (BEAUTIFUL!! Those Riing fans are so quiet and the mounting hardware is 1000 times better!!), and found a Gigabyte Gaming 7 MB, so my PC is back up and running, but I'm going after Corsair like a #### shark. :angry: :angry: :angry:

  2. Just an FYI, avoid Corsair products at all costs.  Their products just blew a $350.00 motherboard of mine, and they won't do a thing about it. 

    NEVER, under any circumstances, use such an over-hyped, overpriced product of theirs.

  3. Yesterday morning, the pump blew on my Extreme, temp shot up to 93 degrees C within 7 seconds, just about yanked the power cord to prevent a total blowout.  No overclocking being done.

    EXTREMELY disappointed as this is only about one year old.  Going to Microcenter to pick up an air cooler until I figure out what Thermaltake will hopefully do about this.

  4. Hey guys, picked up Boarderlands 2 over the weekend (LOVE the Steam Summer Sale!!), and can't map the C and D buttons on the mouse, no problem setting the A and B on the left side, but the C and D seem unresponsive.

    Something I'm missing?

  5. I have a set of Corsair SP2500 speakers, quite good to be honest.  Do you guys keep speakers on your desk, or elevate them on stands / shelves?  I have these on my desk, but am considering putting them on shelves on my wall, I kinda have them rigged there now, and am am getting a better effect from them having them a little further away.  These things can really crank, and having them close seems to throw the balance of everything off.

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