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  1. My software still says version 1.00 after running 1.50 update. ?????????
  2. I put heatsinks, amd grills in the dish washer. NO HEAT DRY!!!!!!!
  3. Hey Folks, First post in this forum. Did search on topic, but found nothing. I've had the Volos for some time now and was having trouble with linking the mouse profiles to certain games. i.e. DCS World(A10C Wart Hog, UH1 Huey, F86 Saber,.....), Warthunder, Mech Warrior online, .... It seems that these games don't have an .exe. They launch through a Launcher. In the case of DCS World; The individual A/C modules are launched through a menu system like seperate aplications. Can anyone shed some light on this? Has anyone linked with DCS modules? Any help appreciated,
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