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  1. 2023 Thermaltake CaseMOD _ Seung Jae Lee Of South Kore I'm going to present a cool CaseMOD at 2023 Thermaltake CaseMOD Invitational Season 1 Please go to the link and check it out! 'WINTER' PC detailed video
  2. Finally, I am delighted to unveil the final product of the 'WINTER' PC case.❄️ The theme for the Korean PC case was 'Winter Snowflakes', focusing on an aesthetic and modern case design. This PC case has been designed to evoke a feeling of the winter season - cold yet splendid - to fit in with PC building events. We aimed to create a sensation akin to the chilly feeling of imagining the winter sea with blue coolant. There are three main advantages to this PC case. Firstly, by placing a snowflake-shaped water block on the front, it exudes visual splendor, while on the back, the installation of six cooling fans and smaller snowflake-shaped water blocks showcases top-notch cooling effects. Secondly, we prioritized an intuitively recognizable case design. By incorporating an LCD on the bottom of the PC case to add a modern touch, and ensuring all components matched in white, we completed an emotionally evocative PC, reminiscent of the contrasting beauty of clear white snow against the dazzling blue coolant. Lastly, we used innovative cutting-edge technology to craft a neat and intricate PC case, expressing gratitude by engraving sponsor logos in various places. This competition has been an immensely meaningful time for me. Embracing new challenges has always been enjoyable, and it will continue to be a great source of motivation for me in the future. Thank you 'WINTER' PC 'WINTER' PC Detailed video
  3. Almost there! Completion is just around the corner now💪 Stylish liquid cooling pump A delicate snowflake-designed PC case I installed an LCD screen and switches shaped like snowflakes on the bezel stand ! And on the bezel stand, I engraved the sponsor's logo with a sense of gratitude🤝
  4. Using intricate cutting-edge technology to craft the bezel stand😄 side bezel The main material for the PC case is acrylic A part of the PC case I paid careful attention to the fine cutting details as well Part of the acrylic parts of the PC case Crafting a PC case is fascinating👍
  5. * Build Sketch An ornament to decorate the end of a snow crysta I'm making a PC case with a crystal snowflake motif❄️ Using intricate cutting-edge technology to craft the bezel bezel Creating a case that resembles ice Please look forward to the upcoming PC build:)
  6. I designed it with a winter icon, a snowflake❄️ Laser cutting of side panel Parts Case concept modeling
  7. Hello😄 I'm Lee Seungjae, CEO of MONSTA GEAR. participating in the 2023 Thermaltake CaseMOD Invitational Season 1. Thank you for support from Thermaltake and inono3d Through this channel, I will showcase a PC featuring MonstaGear's skilled technology and captivating design in this competition. KEY PONIT : Custom liquid-cooled PC, Charming design
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