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  1. Well, I've finally had enough of my Level 10M mouse, and putting up with all the problems. I've purchased a Razer deathadder as a replacement and wonder why I didn't do so in the first place. I'm still hanging in there with the Poseidon Z keyboard, which is a replacement for a really faulty original Poseidon Z, even though there are still a couple of double tap keys. I'll eventually replace it with a Razer when I have some extra cash. Think thermaltake's foray into the gaming input device market hasn't been overly successful. Sadly, its put me of for good as I wouldn't buy another one. Must say the customer service was good though.
  2. Never got around to exchanging the keyboard its only a couple of keys that are double tapping and some days are better than others. I've also been away on holiday and moved to Japan in the interim, but I guess I really should replace the keyboard. Its so disappointing as its such a nice keyboard when it was working. I'm also having problems with my Level 10 gaming mouse which double clicks on its own every now an again which is irritating. Again, a disappointment :-(
  3. I'm still in Taipei so should I just take it to Ximending again?
  4. Sadly enoughh, its happening again, and I'd almost forgotten hhoow annoying it is. Looks like this kkeybooard has an inherent fault and rreplacing it isn't the answer as it will have to be replaced every few moonths whhich seems stupid especially since I'm mooving to Japan in a couple of months. Is there a permanent solution other than me throwing it in thhe bin and writing off my investment, and of course buying another brand of keybooard?
  5. Finally took my keyboard to the store in Ximending. After a few tests, I walked out with a new keyboard. Great to have a proper keyboard again, got my fingers crossed that it doesn't happen again. Thanks for your help Josh.
  6. Thank you, I'll take it down there this week, miss my illuminated keyboard
  7. Any update on the Ximending store? It would be nice to have a working keyboard instead of am expensive paperweight. I'm currently using a logitech keyboard which which not as responsive, at least works as it should.
  8. I tried spraying every switch with electronic switch cleaner as suggested here but it didn't make any difference, so its back back in the box waiting till the thermaltake store in ximending re-opens.
  9. I'm having the same issue with my Level 10M gaming mouse. It was working perfectly up till now but this started a couple of weeks ago. I've updated the firmware but that didn't make any difference. I don't seem to be having much joy lately with Thermaltake equipment. The keyboard is sitting on the shelf waiting to be returned and now the mouse might join it. I'm rather disappointed by the whole experience. I'm a system builder as well, hard to recommend a brand when you've had these sorts of issues. Mind you they're my first "gaming" keyboard/mouse so I don't have much experience with them.
  10. Is the store in Ximen open again? I don't want to go lug the keyboard there for no reason again.
  11. Yes, I went to the other store and that was being renovated as well. I guess I'm lucky the keyboard has a five year warranty
  12. Or has it moved to a new address in Ximen?
  13. Went to the Wuchang store today and it looks like its being renovated. Any idea when it will be open again?
  14. Thank you, I'll take it to the store when I get an opportunity, its a very annoying problem. Is it in Lane 50, Section 2, Wuchang St off Emei St?
  15. I'm having the same problem with double keys, its mainly the "s" and "a", with occaisional skipping of the "." . I've tried cleaning out the keyboard but no difference and it's starting to drive me a bit crazy. Nice keyboard except for this. I bought it at guanghua plaza in Taipei, can't remember where but I should have the receipt somewhere. I still have the box and warranty as well. What do I need to do now as I haven't got a replacement keyboard.
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