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  1. Thanks ! Anyway, as I like details, 3 stickers and 2 little aluminum inserts later and with other photos :
  2. And the final pics with all the plates cover with 3 different kinds of leather, very discret watercooling loop. With a small footprint on a desk, it could be a sweet case to have and that can handle powerfull components and huge 480 radiatior ! If you like it, don't forget to vote !!
  3. Well, time for update yes ! And I start with several photos of aluminum work ^^ I use the Motherboard tray from the P90 to rebuild a new form factor. Now, the size is just 23x30x60cm
  4. New update !!! So it's ok for the bottom of the case, when ALL the plates for the Mod will be done, I need to choose good covering to put on each plates, but in think I'll keep this colours (yes, on those pictures, paint job, colors, stickers.. are only for testing) Well, so, that's all for today !
  5. Well, little update for the Thermaltake casemod invitational émoticône Need to do a lot of work but here is a preview (the mod is 40% done, I hope I'll have time to finish before the deadline...). Oh, and don't look at the screws, they are not the final ones. And I also need to do all finishes/details ( filing, covering, etc). I also need to do all the home made side doors, home made Top, new inside plates, watercooling.... like I said, a lot of work ^^
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