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  1. Success. The new edition of the software has got it working again. Thanks, guys, for persisting with this. It is much appreciated!
  2. Jeff yes, I get exactly that message when I execute the v1.5 Firmware Update - see below
  3. Jeff thanks for looking at this My motherboard is GA 287-D3HP Motherboard lntel 287 Chipset. It is running Windows 8.1. Does the drive make any difference? My C: drive is an SSD with only 128GB, so I always try to install software on my E: drive which is a 2TB HDD. The Volos software is on my E: drive. Does it expect to be on the C: drive?
  4. I installed on a Windows 7 PC today and the software worked successfully (but it also worked successfully when I first installed on the Windows 8.1 PC as well ). Also, as requested, I've contacted your Support team
  5. I've just installed the latest firmware update (v1.5) but I cannot use the mouse for anything but basic functions - I can't set any profiles. When I try to start the software I get a message "Please plug-in Gaming Device to start the AP configuration" (I have been getting this message since just after I installed the mouse about a month ago - the software worked initially but now doesn't recognise the mouse as a Volos) I've tried plugging the mouse into different USB ports (both 3.0 and 2.0) I'm running Windows 8.1. Any suggestions?
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