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  1. So just got my new laptop a couple days ago and the thing is amazing. it's an MSI GS60 Ghost Pro laptop and it cost me a #### of a lot of money to get which in my opinion was worth it. Now, for my desktop I use a corsair m65, it's a great mouse and I've had no issues with it, one of the best mouse I've ever used to far. problem is, the thing is heavy and cleary suited towards desktop use, I mean the thing is made of metal, plus it's just a pain to unplug from my computer because i keep everything in the back which is not really easily accessable. I want something pretty cheap too, maybe
  2. would be really awesome to win for the simple fact that it would make my keyboard look so awesome. I have a corsair k75 with black metal for a base and black keys and a red backlight. I'm not sure if these keycaps allow light through but if they did then my keyboard would just look so cool with these on. I love metal with my product, I have a corsair mouse, the m65 which has a metal base and even my mousepad (the corsair mm600) is lined with a metal rectangle. ####, I even own an HTC One M8 which is made mostly of metal. really these would just make my setup perfect, i would be sure to post a
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