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  1. Hello. I found it's impossible to set the delay time more than 12750 ms in T-Key settings on Meka G-Unit Keyboard. Are there any ways to get round this limitation? It causes me some discomfort. Thank you


    Hi Zigzar, it seems that's the current limitation in the software. We'll discuss with the keyboard team, to see what can be done. 

  2. Hi Triumpalism, it's pretty much as Martin's post says. 


    Brightness adjustment is done by pressing the Function Key (Fn key) and F11 / F12

    The media keys are used by pressing the Function Key (Fn key) and the F1 - F7 keys.



    If your F1 - F7, F11 and F12 keys function as normal for their normally intended functions,  but when attempting to use as media keys / brightness adjustment & nothing happens - then the Function key may be defective. 

  3. I've replied via PM, but will leave pretty much the same reply here too.

    If flashing down a firmware, and then back up doesn't work +  other PC's show the same problem, you may have to go for a warranty replacement.  Sorry for the inconvenience. 

  4. Thank you for the advice however the Tt eSPORTS software is not recognising the keyboard, the PC picks it up as an "unknown device" and I have tried plugging it in to three different USB 2.0 ports and one USB 3.0 port. I don't know what else to try (sorry for not getting back to you sooner)


    Hi James, you can give this method a try: http://www.pcworld.com/article/2089404/how-to-easily-find-drivers-for-unknown-devices-in-windows.html


    But first, sometimes simply going to device manager & removing the unknown device from device manager + re-plugging the hardware into a different USB port will do the trick.

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