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  1. Wow, that V71 is huge! And I thought the V1 a big mini-itx case, heh. Guess they call anything mini-itx cases these days.
  2. Yea, it's a very cheap case with lots of possibilities. Just a shame it's not shipped with the option to move/turn front io-panel and front 'panel' now that alle sides, including the bottom, is perfectly interchangeable.
  3. Thank you. The pump Mount is just my Mount-io/panel prop. Can call it an advanced card-board test. It was made from some clear acrylic scrap pieces, glued together and painted with a filt-marker, hehe. (would be nice if we could post thumbnails, which could be clicked for large size - and decide that we don't want images to auto-turn!) I have some Black acrylic incoming for a proper mounting and need to shorten and make some new threads in the original EK screws for that pump-base, which will let me screw it Down properly - The original EK screws have female thread in the (bottom)-end of the screws used to tighten top to the pump-housing. The female threads is used to attach the "feet" to the pump. Center piece, which ended up being hard to see untill i get that crossing tube out of the way, is the "small" motherboard + everything water-block: Here are some pre images of the block.
  4. A follow up to my previous post, where I made it possible to flip the case on its side, and also move the front io-panel and turn the front itself to be oriented the right way. I still need ram-block, which will eliminate the crossing White tube, but I'm getting closer. If you look closely, you can see my Aquaro controller in its house below the PSU. (in the second image) I have full buildlog over here: http://www.overclock.net/t/1533741/build-log-thermaltake-core-v1-remake-and-full-custom-watercooling
  5. As everyone might know, the sides, top and buttom are all interchangeable. The front also have the right dimenstions to turn around to fit the alignment you choose of your top and buttom. In order to be able to turn the front though, we need to modify two things: 1) For the front to actually be able to turn we just have to cut off the two little plastic "pins" placed in the middle of the top and buttom of the front. 2) Make new notches for the front IO panel in the metal chassis. Why would I want to turn my cabinet? I wanted to view my entire motherboard and gfx through the side window, and not see the PSU. I have further changes in mind, but am currently waiting for some custom watercooling items to show up in the middle of january or so (full motherboard waterblock and such ) The AIO watercooling installed now (Corsair H80i), is just untill the other items shows up. Sorry about the "order" of my images. Thought I could rearrange them.
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