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  1. VERY hard choice... but I picked Suchao Prowphong ... that gold look is just nice and clean
  2. Bill Owen (MNPCTECH) - probably wont have time https://www.facebook.com/Mnpctechcom-148733308540715 Bob Stewart (BS Mods) https://www.facebook.com/bsmods/ Alain Simpels (Simplicity Designs) https://www.facebook.com/Simplicity-Designs-290748107759362/
  3. waiting to see the finished build.. cool so far Dave!
  4. Well I voted for it... its amazing! I personally am not a fan of PCs that dont look like PCs (like cars, tanks, creatures, etc)
  5. There are some amazing builds... but I am still sticking with Brian Carter's. I thinks it pretty sweet so far. I like pc mods that still look like pcs.. not cars or robots etc. Good luck all!
  6. ahhh I see now! the PSU will sit in the middle of those in the back!! keep the pics coming! I think Brian should win because of the uniqueness of this build.. the PSU Mod alone is brilliant!! (Plus, look at it! this PC will be earthquake proof!! lol)
  7. Hard to pick! I think I will have to pick Dave Alcock but I want Ron Lee to win too! lol
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