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  1. Ok i wish there was at least a choice to have them on but that's ok, i still love the mouse, it still looks great with lights off anyway, the only complaint i could ever have is that the scroll wheel could do with being moved up the mouse a bit but then it wouldn't look as good so i don't mind, it just makes it a little harder to change weapons in CS:GO when you get caught running with your knife out Thank you for your help so far.
  2. Dont worry i thought it wasnt working in wireless cause the lights were not on but i moved the mose and it works However i cant get the software to load in wireless mode. it does the whole Ap config thing again, which is annoying cause i want to turn the lights on while its in wireless i can still change there coulour but the turn off after i press the button
  3. I have the software working but i dont think my mouse is charging, the light on my mouse is breathing and in the software the battery is all red and has a picture of a plug in the middle what does this mean.
  4. Did in wired mode, those drivers did the same thing, i have no other PC. Is there a step by step video or something, maybe I'm doing something wrong? also this would help me see what is meant to happen. maybe i am doing something wrong when i open it with 7-zip i don't often use rar files and such so i don't know.
  5. I have the Tt esports level 10M Hybrid mouse and i installed the software but when i click on it it says Please plug-in Gaming Device to start the AP configuration but my mouse is plugged in and being used any suggestions?
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