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  1. i have a problem with the power button of my case. do i have a way to order it as a spare part?
  2. Spray painting was easy, it took about 24 hours (this includes the drying time ) : - remove all the black parts (to remove the front locking mechanism you have to push out the axle) - one layer of plastic primer - 30 min of drying - 2 layers of red paint (2 min drying time between them) - 24 hours of drying Changing the LEDs is a bit of a pain mostly because you have to drill out the old LEDs (cant get them out because of the glue used by Thermaltake, note to them: use some hot glue next time ), the hole operation took about 2-3 hours.
  3. What cooling liquid did you used ?
  4. Back with V71 "Red Edition" 1. Changed the blue LEDs from all 3 210mm fans 2. Spray painted HDD slots in red 3. Bonus, changed the power button LED to red
  5. Can someone give me an idea on how can i remove the original blue LEDs from the 200mm fans? It seams like they have some glue to hold them in I've tried technical alcohol or the heat from a hair dryer but no luck .... my only current solution is to drill in to them ...
  6. I've resolved the USB3 issue, it was my bad i accidentally plugged the cable backwards (do no how that worked ) And until some different color scheme is available i think i'll try to mod mine (i'll change the LEDs and paint the blue slots in red), i'll return with some photos.
  7. Hi guys, I'm the new proud owner of a V71 case and i have some questions: 1. I cant use the case's USB3 ports: if i plug in a USB3 device nothing happens (windows will not found any new device and the device wont start) and if I plug in any USB2 device windows will popup "USB Device not recognised" , someone else got this issue so far? (and i'll like to mention that the motherboard's USB3 are ok, everything works) 2. Is there any chance that in the future they're will be available some red HDD slots sold as accessories ? Plus the 200mm fans come in red (or do i have to change the LEDs)? And some pictures
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