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  1. Can I have my hard drive, CD drive and PSU's at the bottom keeping the top shelf purely for the motherboard and graphics. I sometimes run dual PSU's so would be a plus if they could both fit in the case at the bottom although not a deal breaker.
  2. Hi I like the look of the Core X9 case for building an overclocking rig due to airflow potential with sides removed. I like the fact that it could be used as a general case after running benches unlike Antec Skeleton, In Win D-Frame etc. It would be better for taking to overclocking venues, the house isn't cool enough!! I've had good success with a slightly modded NZXT Hades and a Corsair H100 but I want to have a separate OC rig rather than tampering with that one again which I have setup sweetly for gaming. I'm currently 6th in the HWbot UK enthusiast league but have not done much benching since the beginning of 2014, this winter I want to up my game and maybe challenge for the top spot with some new hardware. Has anyone messed about with the Core X9? First thing I will do is mount my new rads externally as having them inside a case is pointless, with my setups it's keeping the chipset and vrm's cool that is the biggest problem. This case looks like it well help solve this with some well placed fans, I'm not going for full watercooled setup but sealed loops for processor and graphics as I want to be able to swap boards quickly. I'll kick off with my old Sabertooth 990FX board and 8120 and shoot for higher scores.
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