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  1. WaroQ

    RX Liquid

    Build Log Cut the base and each side of the bench using laser cutting Fitting test for the base Some small part I use scrool saw, this is for front grill.. And this for PSU tray I make two layer motherboard armor too, with 2 X 2mm Acrylics, black on top & red at the bottom. Hope it will reduce dust at motherboard since this is an open bench. GPU mounting test measurement Name of the bench Radiator will place at the back, I use 240 rad from Thermaltake Pacific RL 240 Slim rad. The bench itself can hold max 280 rad, but I’m already happy with 240mm J Thankfully TT also give me bending kit, really useful kit for cutting & bending PETG. Res and pump from Thermaltake Pacific PR 11 Really happy with the result, I think I’m going to use this bench more often. Thanks for watching guys.. see you at the next fun mod.
  2. WaroQ

    RX Liquid

    Hi Everyone I want to Share my latest build.. a simple Custom Test bench, will use it daily for Design and Gaming. I’ve build this bench since 1 month ago, just finish it and straightly make worklog here. Bench is from acrylics, use 5mm Acrylics , then 3mm Acrylics for additional second layer, total thickness for base and side of test bench is 8mm. Use laser cut and Scrool saw for cutting the Acrylics . I hope you guys like it as much as I like this bench.. Thanks This project sponsored by: Thermaltake, MSI, AMD, Galax and Geil Memory. Hardware’s that I use: Processor AMD FX 8370E Motherboard MSI 970 Gaming GPU MSI RX 480 Gaming X 8G SSD Galax Gamers 120gb RAM Geil EVO Potenza 8gb PSU TT Smart DPS G 600w, Pacific RL Hard tube LCS part PCI Riser TT 3.0 Fan TT Ring 120mm The Final Bench
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