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  1. Might want to tell the factory to produce more then, as they are more or less needed to do any kind of build without a lot of modding.
  2. No one knows? I'm planning on stacking 3 of the Core X9, but since I'm lacking 1 vented side panel and 4-5 brakets, so wont it look good. I have been searching since I both this case at release, so its not because I have overlooked who sells them (unless they are really bad at marketing them self). If I dont get a respons soon, so will I drop this project and go with Caselabs for my big build instead. It will drive up the cost, but at least so wont I have a problem getting the parts I need.
  3. Where can I get spare parts for Core X9, in Norway / International shipping? I'm looking for more brakets and a vented side panel. I'm all for modding, but making a vindow into vents is hard, not to mention to find the right equipmet to make new brakkets.
  4. Chiobe

    Core X Series

    http://postimage.org/ It gives you the option to past all images at once.
  5. Does that include fan brakets as well? They are the only thing I cant get a hold of for my planned upgrade to 2 cases.
  6. Okay, its been a week since I contacted the Germany office, have heard nothing. Guess I wont be getting those brakets any time soon.
  7. Air if you want less to do with your pc, other then dusting. Water if you like spending time working on your pc.
  8. My case is finally done, for this round. Once I get some free money again, so will I do some more, as there are a few things I still want to do better.
  9. You might want to try and get a darker color on the red, as that almost look pink.
  10. I have had to of cource import an new fan controller, so it will take a bit longer then planned to get this pc up and running. Lamptron CF525 Fan Controller (http://www.lamptron.com/product/controllers/cf525/), is the one I getting this time and it should be more then powerfull enough for my setup. Also, I managed to find the flash for my camera, so you guys can get a look at its full quality:
  11. And where can people outside USA/Canada buy them?
  12. Looks like a nice build, just remember that cable management in a case like this, is everything for a clean look. Since you seem to have access to cutting tools, so would I have made a small hole on the side of the motherboard tray, so you dont have to run the cabels to the cable holes. The CPU power cable in black, is a good example of a cable that would have benefitted from a small hole next to it, so it dont have to run all the way around the motherboard.
  13. At least 1 good thing has come out of the whole deal with the fan contoller, I have been able to check my idle temps with no fans running:
  14. Okay, first problem has shown it self: My fan controller has died So it will be a bit longer before this build is fully up and running.
  15. Okay, the pc is finally up and running. So far so does this seem to be the idle temptratues:
  16. Chiobe

    Core X Series

    Thats not a problem, you just give up the ability to mount the hard drive cages.So use the 2 brakets to mount the 3rd radiator and only use the hard drives you can fit under the motherboard, till the brackets are available.
  17. The system is now filled and is bleeding. There was a few leaks, thanks to the EK logo plugs didnt seal properly. But after replacing them, so does it seem fine.
  18. Cable management is done for everything, extept the top rads. Also, everything thing else is installed, so I will start tubing after installing the top rads.
  19. Yet another problem. This time so was it the top GPU that didnt fit. Turns out the RAM brakets had these plast bits on the side. Most of them where already gone, so I removed the last 2. Finally so is it mounted right. And this is how things looks so far.
  20. Things are coming along nicely. I'm just lacking hard drives and PSU in bottom now. Plus some more cable management.
  21. And the CPU is done, meaning I'm lacking just 1 rad, the reservoir-pump combo and tubing. And yes, EK recommendes the line method this time around.
  22. Front bay is now the correct lenght and wont block the tubes any more. The GPUs are finally done.
  23. As far as I have come today. Problems love this build. This time so it the front bay that need some modding. Flipping the rads around is not a choice.
  24. Bottom radiator. I added an extra 140mm fan from my old case, to offset the power of the top fans some more. Top radiator.
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