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  1. It SHALL be time to stack soon!
  2. I got a 280mm rad in push/pull configuration with 4 Noctua Industrial 140mm IP67 2000RPM PWM Fans and its crammed into the same side as the power supply, just sitting on the bottom. I had it on a mount before but I wanted more UV green fans on at least one side. I have 2 more of the same Noctuas intaking cool air from rear. I am using top for the only exhaust fans. With all the positive air pressure I am idling at 25c and never go above 35c when gaming...not too shabby...and I'm not done adding fans yet. Just getting started actually! : )
  3. See...they got the whole globe covered! To be honest, had I understood that the X9 did not allow fan mounting on the upper half of the side panel, then I probably would not have bought the case. I absolutely have to feed my GTX 780 cool air in order to sleep at night. I'm a total noob when it comes to modding....I'm not a machinist or fabricator...but here is a grainy picture of me defying the odds!
  4. Thank you! Will order as soon as I can...
  5. I have the X9 stripped down to the frame too, waiting for fans to arrive and then I will get started on it. What a project! I hope they have those fan mounts soon. When they analyze their sales and see what a big hit this line of cases has been, I am hoping that they ask the question "How can we make these cases even better?" So far we have seen cases for cooling, cases for silence, cases with windows...but we have not yet seen a case that attempts to please everybody. With swappable side panel sections that becomes a possibility. I think that having 3 chambers or levels instead of 2 can solve this problem. The bottom should be kept hidden for the power supply, hard drives, and cables. But from the outside it should look like there are 3 panels on each side (one for each level). You can only do so much with the front and rear but the top could be 3 panels also or one big window. Then they just need to make sure that the panels are completely available and they have a bestseller + additional sales from panel sections!
  6. I think many builders are going to want different options for different areas. That's why my case concept allowed for rectangular sections for cooling, silence or windows (2 sections of the 3 levels on each side). Everyone's values and goals are probably going to be different. So if you can make a case like this that offers this much freedom AND covers all possible options as far as additional side and top panels...then you officially have the greatest case on the market. I still think this case has come the closest to perfect so far though. If there is another version that comes even closer to my concept then I will buy that one too! I always knew that a case like this would be a huge success...seems like Tt is still in a learning phase right now but I am sure that they will figure it out! Swappable sections for fans/rads, silence, and windows = everyone !
  7. I don't think it would ruin anything but I do think that (like you said) it depends on your setup AND how important airflow is to you. For example, I have a GTX 780 that exhausts hot air inside the case. My CM HAF XM is no problem because it allows installation of two 140mm Noctua's in the exact spot that the card sits. A window with this type of video card would just reflect the hot air in that area. Granted, you can suck the hot air out the top, but it's not exactly the greatest positive air pressure for my GPU. I like to keep everything OC'd 24/7. At least with the 2nd fan side panel I will have ventilation...even if there is no way to install fans on the upper half of the side panels...hope I'm wrong about this!
  8. My Core X9 arrived today, VERY SOLID. So far I LOVE everything about this case EXCEPT...are we unable to mount fans on the top portion of the side panel? Because if that's the case then I am going to have to figure out a way to mod this thing! I assumed that the specs on the website were because it only included so many fan mount brackets. I thought that by adding more brackets to the side panels I would be able to get a total of eight 120mm's. So far I am unable to see a way to get either bracket to attach there though, it's just open air and wasted space? Thanks.
  9. By putting 2 windows on it you are taking a case with better cooling potential than most other cases and making it closer to average. It may LOOK cool but it won't BE cool! For lowest possible temperatures mount radiator(s) on bottom or sides with all fans as intakes except for top. The top should be exhaust since heat rises. You CAN defy the laws of physics and mount your rads on top but this has never made sense to me. You should always have more intakes than exhaust to create positive air pressure. This is why I want the fan side panel...because there will be (6) 140mm fans as exhaust on top so I need to maximize intake fan mounts. I REALLY love this case, from a cooling perspective, it makes more sense to me than anything else on the market.
  10. Thank you! The support@thermaltakeusa.com is the very first email I sent about 2 weeks ago. Is there a known issue with hotmail-live-outlook? I will try calling again also. My case concept: 100% 140mm fan friendly EVERYWHERE - Most of us prefer 140mm since that size has the 2nd best selection available and usually increased airflow and silence compared to 120mm. Include 120mm holes EVERYWHERE also though. 100% radiator friendly = 480mm, 420mm, 360mm, 280mm, 240mm, 140mm, 120mm 100% motherboard friendly = SSI EEB/CEB, XL-ATX, E-ATX, ATX, m-ATX, m-ITX 100% silent – professional grade sound dampening material similar to Auralex on sound proof panels Give builder the option of ten rectangular and interchangeable: See-through window panels Sound proof panels Radiator/fan mount panels with removable dust filters Include whichever panels are cheapest to manufacture and sell the rest separately STRONG steel structured frame to support increased weight of 3 or more rads PWM fan hub with multiple mounting locations 3 Levels equal in size: Well-hidden Bottom Level - Removable Sides Left side is for the hard drives and SSD’s Right side is for the power supply Front of the bottom level is for cable storage Release-latch-style mini doors on both sides for easy access Cable drop areas will prevent heat buildup from hard drives and power supply Cool Middle Level – Removable Motherboard Tray Removable motherboard tray (E-ATX, ATX, m-ATX, m-ITX) Front of middle level (past motherboard tray) is cable drop (open) Sides of middle level (past motherboard tray) also have cable drops (holes and/or open) Middle level is completely radiator friendly. ALL radiator mounting locations/fan mounts 140mm & 120mm fan compatible also Space allowed for push/pull fan configurations on all 3 rads Ultimately Open Top Level – for TALL CPU coolers Front of top level has optical drive, 5.25" drive bays, USB 3.0, fan controller, etc. Top level left open for taller CPU coolers, fans, and exhaust heat through top since heat rises. Bottom Panel Power supply vent Removable dust filter for power supply Top Panel Release latch “hood†with as many 140mm fan mount locations as possible Heat naturally rises – many of us have been forced to intake air from top Large see-through window or other top panels sold separately Rear Panel Power supply hole/mount (bottom) Motherboard connections (middle) Front panel Top has access to drive bays, power/reset buttons, USB 3.0, and fan controller.Side Panels Bottom is release latch style mini doors on both sides for easy accessInner Frame Structure STRONG steel-frame structure capable of supporting increased weight
  11. WANTED: Core X9 extra fan mount side panel and extra fan mounts. NO window required. I have tried contacting Tt main USA site, Tt store, Newegg, Twitter, and now here...but I have not been able to get any response or find any info on how to buy. I know there are at least 2 guys on Newegg wanting a 2nd window side panel. I just want to maximize cooling! If Tt store carried these I would have already purchased! I am in LOVE with this case and here is why: 1. It is very similar to my own case design. 2. 100% 140mm fan friendly (140mm's are usually more silent with better airflow). 3. I have been waiting forever for a case that is E-ATX and NOT a tower 4. Will allow 280mm radiator mounting for somewhere besides the top...HEAT RISES! Oh and you may want to think about selling sound proof side panels also...just a thought! My case concept had all 3 options and a few other perks which I have been trying like crazy to share but...cannot get a hold of anybody at Tt
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