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  1. Like the title says, whats your favorite color scheme? I have seen mostly red and blue builds, but recently i'm really digging the white LED look. They look more simple and not too over the top. What color schemes do you guys like?
  2. Guys, the scores have been fixed, player <none> is Manual Lopez so far with the huge lead
  3. Hi Guys, Just wanted to give everyone a heads up on the current situation, Last night there was someone that cleared the high-scores which was not from our end. We are looking into the issue and don't worry your scores are safe. We will add last nights high scores to the previous list We are sorry for any confusion Good luck guys
  4. hahaha that's true, though i think it would be kind of hard to load it up with data these days, 2TB has actually lasted me over 2 years and still about 40% empty
  5. I agree 2 TB is enough but who doesn't want a petabyte
  6. Hi guys, if anyone has problems with member registrations please inbox me
  7. I would love to get a 144mhz monitor but i think it only comes in TN (correct me if im wrong) and i really like the viewing angles for IPS Well from 60 to 70 can i tell the extra 10fps? NOPE haha
  8. This holiday season we will be running a Tt dude and Santa game competition on our Community Forums! Play the Tt dude and Santa’s Ball-Bustin’ Bajinko Game and post a screenshot of your score for your chance to win! There will be 3 winners each week so join the fun and win big! Please read the rules carefully before starting the game. Prizes will only go out to forum members, if you are not a member yet, don’t worry, it's free to join! CLICK HERE TO PLAY: GAME LINK NOTE: If round 2 is not showing up correctly please clear your cookies <Rules have changed please read> Game Rules Simply qualify to win by posting a screenshot of your end score on this thread and we will be randomly picking a winner! The competition is global and the winners will be announced each week on Tt community forums, then will be placed in the winners tab. Prizes Include: Thermaltake Water 3.0 Ultimate Thermaltake Toughpower DPS G TteSports Poseidon Z Illuminated Mechanical Gaming Keyboard TteSports LADON Gaming Mouse pad TteSports VENTUS Gaming Mouse TteSports VERTO Gaming Headset Tt Dude Package x 3
  9. hahaha u got me! Actually its not that messy behind my motherboard though, just a minor birds nest in construction... but seriously, don't look behind my motherboard
  10. Well i hide them behind the motherboard, or zip-tie them down! personally i prefer not to have a birds nest build
  11. Do you think efficiency is important for a power supply? What kind of 80plus power supply do you currently use?
  12. Just like the title says, has anyone had the chance to overclock the screen? I herd its quite damaging to the screen but i'm running my 60hz monitor at 70hz so far so good has anyone actually damaged the screen by overclocking?
  13. End of the year is close, whats everyone's next upgrade? I would like to upgrade my CPU to socket 2011 from 1150 but my wallet says otherwise
  14. Compressed air works wonders !
  15. Well when i first started building PC's the first time booting would always make my heart stop..
  16. Warloards of Draenor coming out today who's going to play?
  17. I'm currently using a 100m connection Wish it was faster but i think for gaming it relies more on server location and ping so i guess 100m is enough
  18. I'm quite excited for the Warcraft movie though there wasn't really much information apart from a few drawings and a panel I also like the idea of Overwatch, signed up for the beta already :D Others i was interested was HoTs tournament and the new hero's that are coming out such as Thrall, Jaina, Lost vikings ! very excited lol
  19. Wow thats crazy man... lucky you were near to turn it off quickly I nearly had a electrical fire last year when i was mining, i had about 15 cards sucking power off a old power strip and the cord was tucked under a rug ( for cable management you know )... Anyway cord got warm the rug got burned, I was lucky to be close because i think any later the rug would have gone up in flames
  20. Cleaning the dust of the PSU cables... I set up my rig as pos pressure but when the filters get clogged it turns into neg pressure which happens within a matter of a week
  21. Great build man! btw In the 2nd picture is it me or is the fan blowing in from the back
  22. Metallica is going to close the ceremony! u have any spare virtual tickets ?
  23. D3 lol http://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/Bcool-3288/hero/45556307 its been a while since i last played
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