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  1. I must take my hat off for you Enos, completely stripping the case down is a lot of work! I usually avoid doing that as much as i can haha Sometimes when i do that my GPU's don't work properly but i guess that can because of buggy hardware
  2. Well i do suggest against using a vacuum cleaner as vacuuming can create a large static build up that could discharge into sensitive components inside your rig. IMO compressed air is the way to go, but yes its a hassle to take your rig outside but u gotta do what u gotta do right?
  3. Multiple Control with ease Commander F5 – Multi Fan Controller Owner’s Club Multiple Control with ease Commander F5 – Multi fan controller is the ideal device to control and adjust the speed of fan in case. With a honeycombed mesh grilled front panel and smooth moving sliders, cooling performance can be controlled also minimize the noise efficiently. Features with five separate channels with an ample 8W available on each of them, fan speed can be adjusted independently or simultaneously. Commander F5 comes with all necessary cables to connect up to 5 fans with standard 3-Pin or PWM connector. Simply just an empty 5.25” driver bay and you are ready to go. Individual LED indicator Commander F5 provides individual LED indicators with access indication. Independent channel sliders Easily to set up and use, it features 5 separate sliders for absolute airflow control. Comprehensive Control of fan cooling and noise Comprehensive control of fan whilst cooling performance and reduce noise effectively. Easy installation for 5. 25” drive bays Commander F5 fits in a standard 5.2 5” drive bay for easy installation, compact and handy. Compatible with 4-Pin connector fans User can flexibly connect with standard 3-Pin, 4-pin or PWM connector, which enables easy fan speed control via front panel Share your builds with Commander F5 - Multi Fan Controller to be added to the list! For more information: Link Members
  4. Well this website is 3rd party so yes it involves replays, but i think when the game releases they will implement a system like this built in with the game itself. MMR stands for Matchmaking Rating
  5. Well when dust accumulates it has a possibility of blocking fan vents, or if there is enough dust it can insulate your parts which can cause overheating. But unless the dust contains l amounts of corrosive or conductive material, it wouldn't damage the components directly. What can happen in some circumstances is the dust mixing with condensation and creating a conductive goo but that usually occurs in below 0 deg C environment.
  6. Yeh, for sure! if another beta comes out lets play! I'm getting a bit bored of BF4 as well, i didn't buy the map packs and there isn't anyone playing the standard maps lol Tbh i don't think i will be buying another battlefield game with all the bugs on previous releases, plus i don't think its very fair to have to pay for all the maps on top of the game..
  7. Well in battlenet settings you can check or you can try this website https://www.hotslogs.com it also has your MMR, Profile and match history!
  8. Yeh i think so too, i actually quite enjoy not having to research items and spend and focusing on the PVP aspect of the game! (somehow it reminds me of WoW pvp) Also the games are much quicker than Dota or LoL games and the first big fight is around the 15 - 20 second mark. Do you play US server as well CareFactor?
  9. LUMI Color LED Strip By using high density LED and high-grade 3MTM adhesive back sticker, the LUMI Color LED Strip can easily hide lights between side panels and under components. Equipped with chainable connection and multiple colors, to create a limitless length and strong sense of lighting effects. Premium LED EPISTAR high density LED with energy efficiency and extra long life (35,000 hours) Supreme PC Board Black flexible PC board with waterproof protection (IP65 standard) Lighting Connection Limitless / multiple connections with 4-pin Molex header Easy and Reliable Top quality 3MTM adhesive sticker Cable Extension Extended cable with chainable connector to fit in special case moddings Share your builds with LUMI Color LED Strips to be added to the list! More info: White, Blue, Green, Red Owner's List
  10. How often do you clean rig?
  11. EA recently announced the release date for battlefield Hardline: March 17th 2015 Anyone get the opportunity to play the beta? Personally i think its just the same as BF4 which was a bit disappointing... Any thoughts? http://www.battlefield.com/hardline
  12. Well games such as WoW i have a guild, cant really pug Heroic(Mythic) bosses. for FPS or MOBA games i usually just solo queue
  13. I for one have been enjoying HoTS for the past few months, anyone else been playing Heroes of the storm?
  14. Hello Van, how will you install windows without your floppy drive? don't take me seriously i'm only jk
  15. I'm currently using 2 monitors, 1 x Dell 27" and a Samsung 24" if i had more room on my table i would get 3 also haha
  16. Tricky question...but after a hard 20 seconds of thinking i think the first thing i would do is change my monitors to 4k
  17. those tubes!
  18. What is your most preferred radiator size?
  19. I think the hardest part would be the CPU or the GPU But i agree with d0_ob, just get the best that you can afford saves you upgrading in the "near future" i learned the hard way.
  20. Anyone going to be playing the upcoming expansion of World of Warcraft?
  21. I use mine for mixing sometimes... well only when i cant find my V-Moda Crossfades
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