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  1. I for one have been enjoying HoTS for the past few months, anyone else been playing Heroes of the storm?
  2. Hello Van, how will you install windows without your floppy drive? don't take me seriously i'm only jk
  3. I'm currently using 2 monitors, 1 x Dell 27" and a Samsung 24" if i had more room on my table i would get 3 also haha
  4. Tricky question...but after a hard 20 seconds of thinking i think the first thing i would do is change my monitors to 4k
  5. those tubes!
  6. What is your most preferred radiator size?
  7. Haha me too!! i'm ready to water cool my system!
  8. I think the hardest part would be the CPU or the GPU But i agree with d0_ob, just get the best that you can afford saves you upgrading in the "near future" i learned the hard way.
  9. Anyone going to be playing the upcoming expansion of World of Warcraft?
  10. I use mine for mixing sometimes... well only when i cant find my V-Moda Crossfades
  11. Welcome to the forums mate! Nice build's but i like your Level 10 build more though haha... Do you have interior pictures with the side panel off on your GT?
  12. Oh, i thought 650Ti was SLI compatible, or that must be the boost version
  13. This thread is dedicated to the Thermaltake Commander G Series! Post your photo of your Commander G Series chassis to join the club!! Commander G series is the new gaming budget case series, designed for users who need a large interior space for high-end hardware and expansion while having a conservative budget. Like all Thermaltake gaming cases, Commander G series is designed to ease system builds, it comes with standard features like the tool-free drive bay design, removable drive cage, multiple fans mounting options and the support for internal and external liquid cooling solution and advance cable management. Enthusiast Design eSPORTS look front bezel along with the spirit “Space is of the Essence” in mind by incorporating an outsize body structure with full black convex and perforated panel design to provide a vast interior space for the ultimate aeration and extreme high-end hardware components compatibility. Build with a windowed side panel, an eye catching spot not to get attention on! Commander G42 Commander G41 Member List
  14. Hello Sdf, They come with the case, there should be quite a few of them
  15. Hello sdf The drive bay is actually quite special on this case, please check the below picture for details After installing them you can slide your drive straight into the drive bay
  16. Wow, that's very nice man! the fan LED's go very well with your keyboard! ditch the 650ti? what you going to get instead? or will you be SLi'ing the Ti's
  17. I face mine down too, to draw cold air from outside but only if there is a dust filter though.
  18. Well i guess your PSU could be running near max and dumping out a lot of excess heat. Anyway my cards used to run around about 85 - 90C on air when i first started mining, then i changed the thermal paste and it dropped my temps to about 70- 75 so i think the easiest fix is to change the thermal paste though with some company's it might void your warranty so be careful.
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