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  1. I need to replace one of my Core v21's magnetic dust filters (which go on the side panels), but I can't find them online whether it's the Tt Store or eBay. Is there a way I could possibly order one directly?
  2. It's been a while, but I've built a little budget HTPC about a month ago using some parts that were replaced in my first build among others. It'll go down in the basement once we get a new TV down there. https://pcpartpicker.com/b/LRNNnQ Core i6-6400 (Originally ordered an i3-6100 but wound up with this instead, not that I mind) MSi 750ti 2GB (First used in my PC until I replaced it with an RX 480) 8GB Crucial DDR4 Gigabyte H110M Seasonic S12II Bronze 430W Thermaltake Core V21 60GB Gloway Fervent SSD 500GB WD Blue HDD Thermaltake Pure 12 (Taken from my Core X9 that I sadly don't have much of a use for anymore)
  3. I'd totally buy a Micro ATX tower like the Core V31 but somewhat scaled down to mATX size. Closest there is ATM is the Versa H15 but it lacksmm fan support among other features
  4. Got a Sapphire RX 480 4G a couple days ago, now I have an i5-6500 coming in since the pentium's bottle-necking it. Once I get the i5 as well as a new motherboard and RAM, That'll be it.
  5. I just got the new tower yesterday and put everything in it, I just wanted a fairly cheap tower to replace the X9 ASAP even if it isn't Thermaltake. The X9 will probably get used for someone else's computer in the future. I'll get a new LED strip or perhaps a cold cathode later. I'm also considering getting a fan controller, another similar 140mm fan for the front and maybe a 120mm fluid or ball bearing fan for up top if a spare 120mm sleeve bearing fan won't do. Since these pics I've tidied up the cable management a bit more.
  6. Since the last post I've picked up some things for the setup such as a new chair, a bigger mousepad, and a monitor stand. I also ordered a Corsair Spec-01 tower to replace the Core X9 because of how big and unwieldy it is for my purposes and I wanted a decent windowed tower ASAP.
  7. Dabeavis


    Going with Suchao on this one.
  8. I got my new monitor as well as a couple more fans and re-arranging some existing ones.
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