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  1. Hello Guys, Week 4's winner is RE Spartan, congratulations you have won yourself a Core V1 !! Please inbox me your details
  2. Hello guys, I will end this weeks giveaway here! thank you all for entering! winner will be announced soon
  3. Please answer the following question on this thread to be in the draw to win a Core V1! Week 4: 9/9 ~ 9/16 Question 4: What's the support for the graphics card on the Core V1? how long can it be?
  4. Lets congratulate Dabeavis for winning this weeks prize : Water 3.0 Ultimate!! please inbox me your details If you missed out don't worry there is still more giveaways to come, next question should be up soon so look out for it
  5. Hi Guys, Thank you all for entering, competition is now closed and winner will be announced soon! Good luck all,
  6. Well from my friend mostly and looking it up on https://bitcointalk.org/ it was quite hard to understand at the beginning though..
  7. clean build man!
  8. Hello Datgameh, I believe that your draft configuration should work, the case you are currently using is Phanteks right? I would suggest you to first measure from your card to the radiator mounting area you are going to use, but take into consideration the thickness of the Fan+Rad The length of the tube on the Water 3.0 Performer is 360mm, so i think you have enough to work with there! Remember to also take into consideration your motherboard slots as not all motherboards have the same slot configuration
  9. hahaha, that's cool man!! looks like he had a great day so jealous right now haha
  10. Please answer the following question on this thread to be in the draw to win a Water 3.0 Ultimate! Week 3: 9/2 ~ 9/9 Question 3: What is the length of the radiator on Water 3.0 Ultimate?
  11. Hello AliceSML79, The Urban T81 would be perfect for your next build, the modular design and the compatibility of this case is fantastic, It seems like you have your build already thought out and it seems like it will be a beast of a machine, When will you be building this?
  12. Week 2 winner announced! Congratulations ferta_32 you win yourself your very own Core V1 plz inbox me your details! Week 3 question will be out soon !! this week lets change things up!
  13. Hello Guys, Thank you all for entering I'm here to announce week 2 giveaway is closed!! will announce winner soon
  14. Please answer the following question on this thread to be in the draw to win a Core V1! Week 2: 8/26 ~ 9/2 Question 2: Where is the 5.25 bay located on the Core V1?
  15. Hello Guys, thank you for entering! This last weeks contest is now over! but don't worry this is just the beginning ! Below is the winner for Week 1 : Core V1 Congratulations to Amanda Tian!! Please inbox me with your details Note: All prizes will be sent after the 6 week giveaway is over !!
  16. Hello guys, We will be moving our previous giveaway thread to here, sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused.
  17. Please answer the following question on this thread to be in the draw to win a Core V1! Week 1: 8/19 ~ 8/26 Question 1: What is your name?
  18. Promotion Date: 8/18 ~ 9/29 To celebrate the launch of Tt Community we will be running a weekly giveaway for 6 consecutive weeks! Rules are simple; simply register as a user and answer the question on the Events>Giveaway thread each week, current members can enter too! Prizes include 5 x Thermaltake Core V1, Thermaltake Water 3.0 Ultimate, DPS G Power supply NOTE: Competition will be open for all regions and the winners will be picked by random. There will be a new thread each week in the Giveaway thread so look out for it!
  19. Ok guys, since i started this thread i guess i will go first lol Its quite embarrassing but here's my old GPU ghetto zip-tie mod from last year! AMD R9 280x crossfire with AIO water coolers zip-tied down lol.. i know it's ghetto but it works great! (Sorry about the pic quality)
  20. Haha, nice rig names TheEnos! loving the Lil Orphan House name Oh i didn't leave the name of my rig haha, my bad! I actually call my rig Sleeper! looks plain from the outside but can pack a punch haha..
  21. Post your ghetto mods here!!
  22. What are the names of your rigs? share here!!
  23. Have you ever bought any expensive hardware such as graphic cards or cpu's and regretted it after the purchase? share your story's!
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