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  1. Nice Pic Uber_Tiny - what do you play, when you play :-) You can't just spend your time modding.
  2. I think that this is perhaps the best area for this topic. - Show us your Thermaltake System Many of us are not only proud Thermaltake employees, rather also Thermaltake supporters and fans of the products. Who owns just one mouse, or one keyboard---- a little bit of blue or red light, modding in top form? Come on.....anybody can do that. Or can they? Are you a REAL Thermaltake fan? If yes, then prove it Take a couple of shots of you system, maybe as you are playing - or whatever it is you do with your Thermaltake gear, and post it here. Cheers Tt Earl Ps: I see that my colleagues have also put up a similar set up in the modding department/System Build - but they only asked for the chassis. Let's see if this can go one step up.
  3. Make sure to post some pics here in the community. It would be great to see how you "Aussies" compare to the "Krauts" here in Germany. No racism meant - I am a Canadian German (a Canuck-Kraut) - so racism isn't even possible.
  4. I just had a lesson in POSTING LoL. Thank you Martin. :-) Here are a few of my games that I play periodically. Not listed is Guild wars which I spend a bit of time with as well. My days of Shooters are long behind me.
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