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  1. So funny story, I tripped over my cat and in the process destroyed my boom mic the other night. Because I didn't have an awesome headset like the Verto, I had to talk into the left earbud of my wife's iPhone earbuds. I had to literally tape the thing to my face so I didn't have to hold it. It was quite interesting to explain that to my buddies while we were playing.
  2. Sound quality, comfort, build quality. I need to not feel that there is a headset there. Also, I need to not hear the cord rub against things when I move my head, drives me bonkers.
  3. I'm in the US. Why is it out and I'm just not finding it!?
  4. Last day of September, still no Verto available.....I'm a sad panda....
  5. Ergonomics is first for me. Which not only includes comfort but ease of button use. My usual gripe with gaming mice is the terrible location for the sensitivity buttons. A game like Tribes can require you to constantly switch between sensitivities if you're playing as a sniper.
  6. So how much longer until I can place an order for one?
  7. I went with a non 'K' version processor for my most recent build to save a couple bucks. Should have just done it right the first time.
  8. I would love to own the MetalCaps as they would improve the feel and durability of my Meka G1. Additionally they would look amazing.
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