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  1. scu4243

    stack core v21

    Hi if I buy two core v21 could I put a 560mm-60mm thick radiator in both of them or is 540mm-60mm thick is the biggest I could put it?
  2. Hi, It is my frist time custom water cooling a computer I need some help.In the X2 I need to know if single 360mm, 60mm thick, dual 180mm fans is better then dual 360, 60mm thick, six 120mm fans? then when i get the money I'll get me second core x2 then get 540mm 45mm thick. If I'm not going to get the X2, I'll be getting two core V21 its about the some price for one X2 then two V21. I saw on YouTube about the V21 that you could mount single or dual 200mm fan/s on the top and side if I can do dual 200mm fans could i put two dual 200mm, 35mm thick radiators on the top and side, then I'll be putting a 540mm, 480mm, 420 or dual 180mm, 360mm radiator in the front ? I have an I5 4670k one gtx 980 in a few months I'll be getting my second 980 with a new PSU 1000w. Thanks you all for the help.
  3. Thank You, I didn't think of that
  4. Hi, I was just wondering how to tell what is the max thickness is in these New Core X cases? Like I would get the Core X2 becouse I have a Micro-ATX motherboard and I might going with two 360mm or one 360mm radiator in the top, then later getting a second one and put a 540mm radiator in both. I have a Asus Gene, an I5 4670k, with one gtx 980 then in a few months I'll be getting a second 980 with a new 1000w up tp 1200w
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