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Everything posted by SgtT8ie

  1. man... so many great modders in the MFC! Pre-event prediction.... Stuart Tonks.
  2. Yeah, stepping it up with the battle damage! Really making it look like a fully functioning war machine
  3. Putting my prediction on Von Carlo Rasonabe, but looking forward to another great season.
  4. My prediction is with Von Carlo Rasonabe But, hot dang this is looking like another great Season.
  5. I'd like to nominate Dave Alcock a.k.a Davido Labido... he deserves the chance to redeem himself!
  6. Glorious build. So clean & the colour scheme is epic. Defnitely getting chills looking at it. Best of luck!
  7. Awesome result! Glad to see it all come together. Love the battle scarred look of Optimus too. Best of Luck!
  8. There is sooo much to love in this build! The combination of the wood & "normal" PC materials works so well.... and then the open pour of wine at the back. It's making me thirsty just looking at the pics. Good luck!
  9. Phenomenal build & beautiful end result! Good luck! Thanks for sharing the build process, so us plebs can get some inspiration XD If I could put in the same amount of work & get a result that looked half as great I'd be happy.
  10. That is an epic Goliath of a build. Amazing work & so well put together. Both beautiful & intimidating at the same time XD Good luck!
  11. The level of fabrication you put in is amazing! Thanks for sharing & best of luck! The final product looks so intricate & detailed. I love IT!
  12. Legendary build! Looks phenomenal & the colours definitely make it stand out from the usual. Also love the connection o the source of inspiration Best of Luck!
  13. Wonderful build, I like how I needed a picture of you beside it to put it all to scale - by itself it looks so small & compact, but then you realise what an absolute monster it is Best of luck!
  14. WOW! This build is far beyond my initial expectations. Calling it glorious is an understatement. I love so much about this build. Congratulations & good luck!
  15. Awesome - beautifully clean & the mecha inspiration definitely shines through. Good luck! I'm imagining Idris Elba making an epic speech about defeating KaiJu, while standing in front of this XD
  16. Beautiful, clean & pristine! Love the final result. Good luck! I'm blown away by the dual reservoirs on the side panel - such a well implemented concept.
  17. Great build - thanks for showing your process! Best of luck! I love the industrial look & the fact it at first seems to be a 3 monitor desk & then you realise there's the other side for when your friend turns up
  18. Glad to see you're keeping with your original theme. Looks like a tonne of amazing work - even at only the prototype/brainstorming stages. Can't wait to see how this progresses.
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