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Everything posted by SgtT8ie

  1. Bring back Dave Alcock aka Davido Labido https://www.facebook.com/davidolabidomods/?fref=ts...so disappointed that injury impaired his delivery last year. Give him a chance to redeem himself.... then if he fails again whip him soundly!
  2. Congrats to the winners... I don't think I even realised that this was happening
  3. SgtT8ie


    I voted for JP, but there is no loser here. Both are great works of mastery.
  4. That looks so amazing! The tubing is a knock out! And I really love the rust & battle effects.
  5. Love it! Beautiful final product
  6. You finally won me over! That's a crazy amount of work you've put in & the end result is mind blowing!
  7. Just GLORIOUS! Amazing work, love how it all fits so well with the theme. Great to see your work.
  8. Freaking Awesome! Just staggered by what you're putting together.
  9. I think I'm starting to see the concept come together! Undoubtedly there'll be more to come. It's looking great!
  10. Glad to be the first, the crickets were disconcerting Truly great build! Needs a "Caution, Master at Work" warning sign somewhere.
  11. That's looking phenomenal - Really liking the concept & how it ties to your inspiration.
  12. Voting for Jesse Palacio, but I bet that the competition will bring out the best in both of them. Can't wait to see how this progresses!
  13. While I look forward to seeing what both modders will bring... my money's on Jesse Palacio.
  14. Congrats to the winners as well as the other participants. Everything shown blew me away!
  15. Wanting to see that finished build so much! Hope you enjoyed NL.
  16. Awesome! Best of luck & keep the pedal to the metal. Can't wait to see it all finshed in it's tangerine & white goodness.
  17. That looks spectacular! It's a good balance of colours. Too much of either may ahve gotten overpowering, but for me that's enough to highlight both.
  18. Congrats to all the winners & good luck to all the modders. Those builds are looking phenomenal.
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