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  1. Hey all, Core v51 user here and I have a question: How do I actually take out the bottom 3 drive drawers, that are seperate from the top two? I'm only using the top two for my HDD and SSD, andI think that taking out the bottom ones would open my chassis up even more. I managed to get the two back screws out, but the front screws, those that are infront of the mobo, simply refuse to come out. Tried everything... with fingers, with screwdrivers, even with a (non cutter) plyer, but it simply won't move. Any tips, please?
  2. Yes. That is what I meant. So, what you're saying is that if I want to use T1 for example and a certain hotkey in the game is W, i need to assign the W key to T1 (in the correct profile of course) and let it function as it was a W key? That's how I did it so far, but I thought there's another, shorter way for the games to recognize the T keys. Or did I misunderstood? Thanks again
  3. Hello all I'm the proud owner of an Illuminated G-Unit and I love it. There's only a minor problem that I can't seem to manage to solve - how do I configure my macro keys to act as hotkeys in-game? I know how to set them up to act as normal macros in Windows to do some multi-key actions, but when I try to put them to use in game configurations, it seems that I can't actually put them in as if they were normal keys. Why is that? I'm sure there's a way to do that and I just didn't figure it out yet. I'm sorry if I sound like a total noob, before that I had a Logitech keyboard with several macros and could configure it in-game with no problems. I do have the software installed. Can someone help me, please? Thanks ahead
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