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  1. Hi Josh, I truly appreciate the constant follow-ups and making sure everything goes smoothly. It looks like Thermaltake makes the customer pay for shipping on RMAs (to return it). While I can understand that it may be common for many companies to charge for shipping on warranty replacements, it seems unfair to me when this is an issue affecting what seems to be a high percentage of keyboards of this model. I don't see the value in putting any more time or money into a defective keyboard that will likely be replaced with the exact same model, which will eventually have the same issue. I'm choosing not to pay for shipping and going forward with a warranty replacement. I'll just buy from a different brand from now on. Thank you anyway for your efforts and dedication to this matter.
  2. No worries, Josh - I appreciate the consistent follow-ups! I'm in central Massachusetts.
  3. Scary, but it looks like this issue is pretty common ... I just noticed all the negative reviews on Newegg about this same exact issue, and I'm not sure if Thermaltake is doing much about it aside from replacing the keyboard if it's under warranty: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16823162027 (scroll down to the reviews) Is there going to be an actual fix for this, or am I just going to be getting a replacement of the same model that will eventually have the same problem? I hate to start sounding negative, but that's a pricey keyboard to only last about a year!
  4. Hey Josh! Any update on the issue? I know it's still under warranty for another year. There are a couple other letter keys doing the same thing recently. It's happening on a day-to-day basis, so it gets old quick! Let me know if there's anything I can do in the meantime, aside from just getting another keyboard. By the way - thanks for the tips, drelyn. I'll look into that bounce keys software, too.
  5. Thanks again, Josh. After using the keyboard for about a week, the "m" key has been fine. It seems like it's a couple other keys doing it now, but far less frequently; the "n" and "s" keys. Weird ... I wonder if I just blew the dust under other keys when I cleaned it. It didn't seem that dirty. That's also assuming it is dust in the first place. I might just pick a day to pop off all the keys and clean everything. Any suggestions on how I should clean it, aside from an air compressor?
  6. Following up - I popped off a few keys around the "M" key, since I noticed once in a while the "L" key would do the same thing. I used my air compressor to clean out any dirt/dust, and placed the keys back on the keyboard. So far, after using it for a couple hours, it's been just fine. Tautlih may have been right about just having a little dust in the keys. I'll post another update if it comes back, but so far, so good!
  7. Thanks for the quick responses, Tautlih and Josh. Tautlih - if you want me to try, I can pop off a few keys and clean around it with a can of air (unless you have another recommendation). Or, I'll just wait for the update from Josh.
  8. I have a weird issue that just came up recently. My keyboard will intermittently type "m" twice. It only happens with that key - all the others are fine. I've always taken good care of this keyboard since I bought it in February of 2014. It's weird how it just happened randommly (there's an example) one day about a week ago and it's been like that ever since. Is there something wrong with the keyboard, or is it something that I can fix myself?
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