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  1. I swapped the PSU from a functioning PC into this build, and rather than cycling on/off the power to the motherboard stayed on consistent as expected. I then put this Thermaltake PSU in that functioning PC and the system would not boot (no response at all from the power switch). Put the other (non Thermaltake) PSU back in the old system and everything worked again. I'm pretty convinced at this point that this PSU has issues, and would like an RMA. How do I pursue that? Do you have any final troubleshooting steps before the RMA process?
  2. Thanks for the response. This is entirely a 100% new build, so it could be anything. I'm just trying to get some more information right now, see if anyone else has had the PSU cycle like that, and what their cause was, etc. I'll swap this PSU into another functional system to ensure it's not the PSU, and report back.
  3. I know this is a long shot, but I'm having a problem with a build using a Toughpower PSU, and I'd like a quick confirmation before I start tearing down a complicated system for tedious troubleshooting. If you watch the first 5 seconds of the video below, my Toughpower 1375 starts up, all 3 indicator LEDs go to green, then it shuts down, sits idle for ~3 seconds, then starts up and immediately shuts down again, etc etc. Can you confirm that that generally looks like a component problem (aka is that normal Thermaltake PSU behavior if the motherboard is DOA)? Thanks... Video of system: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4mSGcYNpXTc (the pumps are running on a second PSU (not shown) during the video)
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