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  1. okay thank you very much for all the info And yes Im from swiss Im speaking german too but english is no problem (And I hope my english isnt a problem for you too, haha, sorry if it is so bad xD) I will install the Cpu fan blowing to the rear yes And respective the noise, I'm prefering low noise but I'm using at the moment a case where the whole top is perforated without any dampening at any spot in the case, so if I take out one dampening panel at the top it will be still quiter as my actual case. I think that will be fine for me ^^ So if my card is the hottest thing, maybe my intended setup (bottom center, top above the cpu) will work then. I'm still waiting for the ram sticks, so I'm not able to test the whole thing with the CPU-Z program right now
  2. ok I kept googling and found this http://www.dexgo.com/index.php?site=artikel/view.php&id=52&rubrik=grapevine&seite=1 What would you say if I put 1 fan directly over the Cpu Cooler blowing the air outside, and one at the bottom center so the air blows in past the card?
  3. Hi ^^ I saw another Thread to this topic, but since that guy overuses like 10 fans it doesnt fit for me Its my first (really completely) selfbuilt system. Ive got a suppressor f51 case and bought two more fans 2xSilentWings 140mm pwr But before I place the question, the case inside: I place the HDD, and SSD at the back of the case. I already removed both 2x3 HDD holders Nothing more special: 1xblueray writer, 1xgraphicard, 1xpowersupply, 1x16cm cpu cooler I'm not sure if its soooo important, but different cpu/cards generates different heat I name them here: Cpu Skylake i7-6700k (Ive read its not producing as much heat as cpu normally does) and msi gtx 980 (not sure about that one) Now the question, since Im new to this: The placement of the two additional fans? I googeled but I'm still not sure....and you big and strong guys surely have experience in this. At the moment Im thinking of placing one at the top blowing air outside at the same time im not sure if I shall place it closest to the rear fan or the 2nd closest and the other fan... Mhh also at the top?...At the bottom (taking air inside)?...At he front (taking air inside; im not sure if this fits above the preinstalled 200mm ^^')?... Ive read about negative and positive airflow and it says like negative is better cooling but more dust, positive airflow is better for passive cooled graphiccards. So I would choose the negative one, since my card has two spinning fans, I think that means its active cooling and the suppressor f51 has dust filters all over the everything. yeah, a girl needs help here ^^ thanks for all coming suggestions
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